11 Most Amazing Cool Websites You Didn’t Know About!

The Internet is a never-ending place. It is full of amazing and really cool stuff. Whether you want to learn something or just wanna kill time, there is a lot out here. Although there are millions of websites on the web but here we have got you 11 most amazing cool websites. So, let’s get started.

  1. Hackertyper

    Hackertyper.com is a great website to prank your friends. It makes you look like you really know something about hacking. Just open this website and start pressing random keys and it will show random hacking codes with each key stroke and the whole experience looks like a hacking scene from a typical sci-fi movie. And with the pressing of the ALT button, comes the ultimate message on your screen -“Access Granted”.

  2. MyFridgeFood

    mff logo

    MyFridgeFood.com is a very interesting and useful tool. It presents you with the recipes according to the ingredients you have. It has two options – Quick find & Detailed Kitchen. Both these pages have a list of various food items. Just check the items you have got and it will show you a list of recipes you can make with those or some of those items. Clicking on a recipe shows the cooking detail. You can also submit your own recipe after signing up.

  3. Windows93.net


    Windows93.net is one of the best websites on this list. Windows 93 is one of the earliest Operating System for computers. It actually works like a virtual computer with Windows 93 installed. When you opens this website it loads up just like the original boot screen of the Windows 93. And you can actually use this website like a real Windows 93 computer. It has programs which came originally with the Windows 93. Check this out, it is real fun.

  4. 10minutemail

    10minutemail.com gives you a temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes. Any e-mail sent to that e-mail address will show up on the webpage automatically & you can read them, click on links, and even reply to them. It is really helpful when you are signing up for offers or other temporary stuff on websites which you don’t trust to give out your own e-mail address. Or if you just don’t want to

  5. Norse Attack Map


    Norse Map lets you watch Cyberattacks happening worldwide in real-time. You can see which countries are aggressors or targets at the moment. It shows the attack origin, type, target, attacker IP, attacker geo, and ports. Every second, Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations. It is a really cool website for geeks.

  6. TheNewBoston

    logo 1

    Thenewboston.com is a very good website and one of my favorite websites. TheNewBoston provides thousands of tutorials and video courses for free. The videos are short and to the point. The courses include subjects like Computer Science, Business, Cooking, Beauty, Health & Medicine, Humanities, Math, Science and Social Science. The tutorials are regularly updated. They also have a YouTube channel with the same name.

  7. Youtube.com/tv
    youtube tv

    Yes, it is YouTube but with a much better interface. Actually, it is the optimized version of the YouTube for TV. It gives a very clean interface without any distraction. And can be controlled with just your keyboard. Give it a try, and you may like it.

  8. Archive.org

    Archive.org 2015

    Archive.org or Wayback Machine allows you to see the history of almost any website on the internet. It regularly crawls the internet and saves the snapshots of the websites at that time to their servers. You can also click on links to navigate the website just like it used to be before. Just enter the Url for the website you are looking and it will show you a calendar with dates it crawled and saved the website. You can click on any of these dates to see how that website looked at that time.

  9. Kickassapp.com

    Destroy any website with Kickassapp.com. It is just a prank website and good to kill time. Open this website and drag the big Red button to the bookmarks tab. Now open any website and click on the bookmark. Now you can easily destroy that website by just using your keyboard arrows and space button. If you have free time, try this.

  10. LiveATC

    live atc

    LiveATC.net is an another cool website. LiveATC stands for Live Air Traffic Control. It broadcasts from Air traffic control towers and radar facilities around the world. If you want to get a peek inside or have some interest in aviation you can check this website.

  11. FutureTimeline

    future timeline

    Futuretimeline.net is an another amazing website you can check in your free time. This website has a lot of articles with predictions of the future. Most of its predictions relating to technological advancement etc. seem reasonable, neither too conservative nor too liberal.

    Although the future is never written in advance!

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