ADVENTURERAS: Bet on Your Baby Audition of Ian & Chris

My mom and mother-in-law kept on telling me to join the Kulilits at the game show, Bet on Your Baby (BOYB). Honestly, I have no idea about that game show since our TV is mostly tuned in either the DZMM TeleRadyo or Disney Junior until I got curious and watched an episode at iWantv.

After watching an episode, the stage mother in me got interested in joining the said game show. I immediately researched on how to join it until I found out how. So there, last October 23, I sent them an email containing a picture and details of the Kulilits.

They replied immediately the following day asking me to send an audition video of the Kulilits with me and with their daddy. I set it aside first because I still don’t have time to video the twins with me and hubby is always home late and he is also very busy during the weekends.

Then last November 6, I got an sms from BOYB confirming if Ian and Chris were really twins. I answered back and apologized for not yet sending an audition video.

Around last week, I tried my best to make an audition video of the Kulilits with me which I immediately sent to them. I also told them that I will just send an audition video of the Kulilits with hubby as soon as I get a chance to shoot a video of them.

With just the audition video of the Kulilits with me, BOYB sent me an sms that they’ll be inviting us already for an audition and they’ll be sending me the details soon.

Last Tuesday, November 19, BOYB sent me the details of the audition. They also called me giving me instructions and tips about the audition. I got really excited! I called hubby immediately, told him about the audition and asked him to free up his schedule.

I prepared the Kulilits for the audition by making them watch the previous episodes of BOYB, talking to them and asking them to always listen to my and their daddy’s instructions and mind-setting them that they’ll do great during the audition.

So there, yesterday, we went to ABS CBN for the audition. I was really happy because they were both in the mood and excited for the audition. You could really see that they wanted to join the game show.

Everything went well during the audition. They did all the tasks that we asked them to do. It seems that the ABS CBN staff liked them because of their spontaneity, alertness and liveliness. They made them laugh during the audition.

Guess who really got nervous during the audition? Hubby and I! Hehe. We were challenged on how can we ask the Kulilits to do the given task and we were clueless if they’ll do it.

I really hope that we could get in the game show. The researcher who handles us told us that we have a high chance of getting in because of the positive feedback that she got from the ABS CBN staff. She also told us that it will take weeks before knowing the result of the audition. And in case we get in, it usually takes months before the actual game show because it depends on the writer.

I’ll just give you update if we made it. =) Please pray for us ha. =)

By the way, BOYB gave the kulilits some loots after the audition…

Thanks so much! We had a great experience during the audition! =)

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