30 Templates And Vector Kits To Design Your Own Infographic

We are flooded with thousands of words and pictures now-a-days so learn here 30 templates and vector kits to design your own infographic.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true now because of the way we are flooded with information and data on a daily basis. And that is why infographics have become so popular. If they are designed in a creative manner and is visually appealing it is should to appeal to people. Thinks that seem difficult to understand can become very easy.


Of course designing an infographic is not easy. It is time consuming and difficult. It has to be appealing to the target group; simple to understand at the same time should be unique. The infographics should also come straight to the point.

Infographic designs are not just used by online marketers but are also used by commercial enterprises. They go viral very fast and often are shared with the coding. This of course ensures that the information is spread to a wider audience.

Here are some tips to help you design your own infographic.

  • The most important aspect of an infographic is its data. It should be dependable and at the same time interesting too.
  • An infographic is actually a story told using pictures. So, you have to use the facts and figures in your hand and turn it all into a good story.
  • Make sure that your data supports your story. It should not look contrived but should be easy to follow.
  • When you choose a design style, make sure it matches the topic that you are presenting.
  • Plan on a color scheme and stick to it through the entire design. Do not end up making it look like a mish mash of designs and color. It might look pretty but won’t be clear to the viewer.
  • Use icons and pictures that are appropriate to the data that you have.
  • Try to use diagrams, tables, charts etc as and when necessary. But don’t go overboard and overload the infographic with them.
  • When you are using items in the infographic that are similar then use color or size to differentiate them.
  • Before you actually present it, show it to a group of people and get their feedback. Make changes if necessary and only then put it out.
  • Go and take a look at different infographics and get ideas from them before you actually set out to do the work.
  • And last but not the least remember the golden rule: Keep it simple.

So, what is a vector? It is a graphical file format. The picture or image is made up of points which are connected by lines. You can make simple to complex drawings in this manner.

Here are names of 30 templates and vector kits to design your own infographic.

  1. Magnolia
  2. The world infographic
  3. Callout Pie Chart
  4. World infographic
  5. Bar Chart, Locations and Population and Pie Chart elements
  6. Information technology infographic
  7. Retro Style Elements
  8. Infographic icons, bars, pie charts and graphs
  9. Oil theme business infographics
  10. Free vector infographic
  11. Graphs, Charts and Icons Graphics kit
  12. Year infographic element
  13. Analytics, World Map and Statistic elements
  14. Dark Highlight Infographic Design Kit
  15. Elements of food infographic set
  16. Set of Chart and Infographic Design element
  17. Vector infographic elements
  18. Elements of infographic vector
  19. Elements of water infographics vector set
  20. Vector Charts and graphs
  21. Portfolio retro graphics
  22. Chart and infographics design elements vector 05
  23. Economy infographic design elements
  24. Business data elements 01
  25. Economy Infographics and Chart design elements
  26. World Map & Statistics
  27. Retro infographic elements
  28. Economy Infographics Design elements
  29. Infographics Design Elements vector
  30. Infographic vector kit


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