4 Basic Steps to Ensure Better Security of Your Email Accounts

Internet security is a very necessary need for all of us. We need to safeguard our virtual identity which is in the form of email accounts, social media accounts and online services we use. Special attention is required in case of email accounts as they are the means of every online activity we do. We are actually known by our email accounts in the virtual digital world, which we call generally, Internet. Our email ID is the only means for making accounts on different websites for using their services, which they offer to us once we login to their website. Therefore is is understood that email id has to be protected as much as possible. Below mentioned points will guide you on how you can make your email IDs more secure.
Always use a recovery email ID
Almost every mail providing service will ask you to enter a recovery email ID. This email ID is used when you either forget your password or in case your account is misused by somebody. In that case, your email provider will contact you through the provided recovery mail ID. It will provide there necessary instructions and information for regaining access to your original account. Sometimes providers like Yahoo uses your recovery email account whenever you try to change the password of the original account. They also forward a verification mail to both of your accounts in order to inform you regarding the changes you just made. In case you didn’t made those changes, you can immediately take action and inform the mail service provider that it was not you who made the changes. They will then take appropriate steps for securing your account from possible HACK.

Recovery phone number
Recovery phone number acts in the same way the recovery email ID works. It is used as a safeguard medium by the email provider to contact you. For example Google uses the mobile number of the user for sending CODES in case you have Two Step Verification enabled. Also, Yahoo uses your mobile number for the recovery of your account. See the image below for more information. Apps like Twitter also uses similar technique for making your Twitter account more secure than before.
Review connected services and apps with your email account time to time
You must have used your email ID at many place (I mean websites and applications) since you have created it. We generally connect many services with a single email ID and with the passage of time we forget about them. Many of the services are those which are not used by us more than 2-3 times. Such type of services have to be removed from the list.Whenever we connect a third party service with our email ID, we are asked for allowing permissions for certain things on our account. At that time, without even thinking for a while we show ita green light and app is ready to be used. But once we feel that it is no longer needed by us, we must go to the permissions page of the respective email provider and remove the app from the list of permitted services. For example, in the picture Quickoffice is asking for permissions when I tried to login it using my email account.

Little presence of mind can save your from anything
This step can be said to be the most important step from all mentioned above. These days we should not give our email ID or personal details to anyone (Only digital world in this post) who is asking for it without the actual need of it. Never enter your email ID in websites that tends offer you lucrative things in exchange of your information, like the one we are discussing, email ID. For some more sensitive issues do try to read privacy and policies of the website before proceeding further.Adding one more thing in the last, please ensure yourself by deleting all your unused email accounts. If you have an inactive account, which is no longer being used by you, delete it as soon as possible. Now you are safe, but from agencies like NSA or other Internet traffic monitoring companies. Still it is good to make sure we are doing our best for securing our emails ID.

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