Google Hacking finds open phpMyAdmin databases

I man: COME ON! You are installing phpMyAdmin, so that means that you are some kind of web server admin. OR you have rented some hosting space and you’re now accessing your databases with phpMyAdmin. Either way: Leaving phpMyAdmin open with the root user and no frickin password is just plain foolish!

Before I publish this Google Hacking query to find open phpMyAdmin backends, please read this:

While it is fun to browse through open databases, PLEASE do not delete, rename or alter the databases or move stuff around. Have fun looking at it – do whatever you wanna do – BUT PLEASE do no harm! Seriously. That’s not good.

Okay, now that all the idiots are gone, here’s the Google Hacking query to find open phpMyAdmin database backends.

"Welcome to phpMyAdmin" AND " Create new database"

Yeah, simple as that. Google it, and you will find a WHOLE LOAD of information. But remember: DON’T BE EVIL!

Aly Chiman

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