Benefits of Using AJAX for Web Development

Over the years, AJAX Development has become more popular with web apps acting more like desktop apps. The AJAX programming language can provide many functional features that cannot be accomplished otherwise. AJAX is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. A group of interrelated web development techniques, it is used on the client-side to create customized web applications. The web apps can launch data retrieve from servers without disturbing the page in any way. Before AJAX, there was no way to communicate with the server and the client.

Working of the AJAX script

The Web Development Companies use this script to enable interaction. An action triggers the event, like clicking of the mouse. The AJAX call fires, launches the data over to the server-side script using the XML. The server side script (PHP etc) receives the input from JavaScript. It can access the database if needed and process the data therein. Utilizing the same XML language, the script would send the data back to the original page that made the request in the client-side server.

The next JavaScript function, also known as the callback function would catch the data and update the page.

The following variety of assets is accomplished with AJAX.

  • Login Forms: With AJAX, the user can type in their login and password details on to the original page without going to the login page and then navigate back. AJAX would be sending a request to the server to log in the user. The server would then inform about the page being logged in and the webpage is updated as needed. For example, functions in a similar way.
  • Auto-complete option: One of the first major companies to use AJAX, Google’s search suggestion tool uses the script. One of the first auto-complete tools ever made, when writing on the search bar, it uses AJAX to complete the query. It gets the most common results from its database on each keystroke. Auto-complete functions are more preferable instead of the long and cumbersome drop down menus.
  • Rating and Voting: Digg and Reddit are some examples of websites that endows the user with power to choose their content by voting for them. AJAX handles all the voting. The users can voice their opinions on a number of places swiftly.
  • Updating user content faster: The reason for the popularity of Twitter is for their simple and user-friendly interface. When we “tweet,” it is immediately updated on the feed. Twitter utilizes AJAX along with their “trending topics” page. This makes the user be aware of the number of tweets been made about the same topic and gives them the most up-to-date topic.
  • Form Validation and Submission: Most forms are tricky to work with but with the AJAX script, the developers can make them lot better. It is used to auto complete forms and for validation and submission. Certain websites would use AJAX to check the forms meeting certain requirements, for example password strength, validity of URL etc.
  • Chats and Instant Messaging: Browsers handle most chat rooms and instant messages. When chatting, there are two important AJAX processes. When we type something, we update the server and make it aware of sending the message. The server is constantly checked on the other hand and updates the relevant page with the messages that has been sent by the responder.
  • Proficient UIs: The user-interface is supposed to be clean and this can be achieved with AJAX. It enables the user to accomplish more in a single page. The web application is faster and seamless and secondly, it reduces the number of requests being sent to the server. This in turn reduces the bandwidth and the loading time.  Google uses this functionality of AJAX by creating multiple desktop apps like Google maps and Google Docs.
  • External widgets: AJAX can initiate a call to any server online. This is how the plug-ins for most Content Management Systems works.
  • Instead of Pop-ups, lightboxes being used: Pop-ups are annoying to the user. There are blockers set on most browsers. Lightboxes are pop-ups inside the browser window. It can be used for advertising or for registering or logging.
  • AJAX and Flash: Though a rarely used combination, they can be used to create interesting things. Like in a gaming website, when the gamer earns a badge, the API in Flash would send a response back in JavaScript, which would then again use AJAX to update the profile of the gamer.

One of the most valuable tools available with the developer, AJAX can endow capabilities like moving away from traditional formats to provide solution that is more contemporary. It allows functionality similar to the ones available in the browser plug-ins. Web Design And Development Companies rely on this tool because of its compatibility and easy usability features.