Microsoft's Kinect is now Officially Dead!

Microsoft finally admits that Kinect is really dead. After years of debate over whether Kinect for Xbox One really is dead or not. Not really. This time its truly deadMicrosoft has confirmed that it no longer makes Kinect and will not be sold once the retailers gets out of stock…

~ Yes, Microsoft is Finally Killing the Famous XBOX’s Kinect Devices..

Microsoft has killed Kinect seven years after the company first introduced the Xbox accessory that paved the way for 3D tracking and virtual assistant technologies which will soon be ubiquitous.

~ Kinect for XBOX 360 | No more Manufacturing…

Microsoft halted the production of devices that enabled Kinect Sensor Xbox One3D motion tracking sensor and voice recognition on Kinect for Xbox 360 devices. 

Kinect is a serious piece of technology which gets out with Xbox 360. But without any doubt, the device could not achieve the bright future which Microsoft originally expected.

Microsoft was probably not so successful in shaping Kinect as an alternative to the hard core games that revolve around the gamepads. Moreover, Xbox Kinect Games was the main Microsoft’s focus to gain attention with.
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Microsoft finally admits that Kinect is really dead. After years of debate over whether Kinect really is dead or not, the software giant has now stopped making the fixture. The Microsoft Kinect 2 for Xbox 360 became the fastest selling consumer device in 2011 , earning the recognition of Guinness World Records in almost an hour. 
Microsoft has killed Kinect seven years after the company first introduced the Xbox accessory that paved the way for 3D tracking and virtual assistant technologies that will soon be universal. But its innovative approach to depth detection will continue through several products, including the iPhone X.

Microsoft halted the production of Kinect devices. However, the company will continue to support existing Kinect devices and vendors which have Kinect in stock. The information was given to Fast Co.Design by Kinect Xbox Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen daddy Alex Kipman..

However, people saw it coming when Microsoft withdrew its Kinect approach some time ago. But this does not mean that Kinect has not gained much popularity. Moreover, more than 35 million units were sold since its launch in 2010. 
The launch of the powerful Xbox One X is also an example of how Redmond wants to attract the community of players and compete against the Sony PlayStation. 
An improved Kinect with facial recognition login and better motion tracking came with Xbox One in due course. However, Microsoft made it optional to buy the device with the console.

Now, before you start feeling regretful for your Kinect, Microsoft is not eliminating it altogether. Its core technology is being used in Microsoft Hololens, and would find its home in other future products, meanwhile, the Kinect team is improving it more and more.

~ Camera Tracking with Blender | Also Known as Motion Matching…

Motion Tracking Blender also a part of Kinect Devices. Motion tracking, which is also known as Motion Matching, is an essential element in Integrating 3D elements with live images…

“Kinect manufacturing for Xbox One is over, but it’s not the end of the road for technology,” A spokesman from Microsoft Team said, “Kinect continues to delight tens of millions of Xbox owners and Kinect for Windows innovations are based on Xbox OneWindows 10CortanaWindows Holographic and future technologies.”


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