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Antonio Silva – Famous Healer

Hope, Healing, and Triumph

Antonio Silva is a born healer and medical intuitive who spent his early years growing up in New England.

Antonio heals all emotional and physical illness for all ages. Testimonial evidence of Antonio’s healing power and his client’s triumph over illness and adversity can be viewed below.

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Medical Intuitive Evaluation + Healing (60 minutes) – $137.00

Healing Sessions – 4 Sessions

(60 minutes each) – $425

Study Course – 6 sessions

(90 minutes each) – $1,500.00




Betty/ New York


Jessica/ Los Angeles

Multiple Sclerosis


Ovarian Cyst

Antonio Silva – Famous Healer

Antonio Silva has been helping people for over 35 years as a born Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Advisor. At the age of 11 he began working with family members and friends to heal and let them know of events that would happen to them.   Since then, Antonio has developed his skills and abilities and has worked with famous clients, spoken to hundreds of audiences, written books and helped other healers awaken their gifts.

When Antonio Silva was a boy he began having a series of dreams in which he was “aware” of being in a brilliant light that felt like it was going to make him explode inside. After awakening from this experience he began to be “aware” of events for people in his family that he would see within his mind.   At one point, his left hand began to feel hot and like it had a life of its own. He would go to family members like his father who was a carpenter and put this left hand on a shoulder that hurt and hence the pain would disappear. The healing part of Antonio was awakened early in life and since then he has developed his intuitive abilities to the point where he can sense people’s medical concerns without them saying a word.

Antonio defines healing as the body’s ability to restore itself to the harmony and balance that existed within it prior to the onset of disease. The body-mind organism must be in harmony for health to prevail.  The body is often too overwhelmed or too weak to remove impurities by itself, so Antonio’s job when healing someone is to help that process by directly infusing into them the proper balance of pure, energized consciousness which restores the body’s clarity. This recapturing of our very essence is healing in its truest form.

Antonio’s story of his healing work is the subject of a book that was written by him and the famous parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer who is the author of over 134 books in parapsychology.   Antonio’s healing successes are celebrated by people from coast to coast and around the world.  For over three decades, Antonio has been demonstrating why he is one of the most famous distance healers sharing his gifts.

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