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Antonio Works With Any & All Forms Of Pain

Among the most common chronic conditions that Antonio works with include:


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Born Healer and Medical Intuitive

Antonio Silva is a Born Healer and Medical Intuitive who has the capacity to both Heal and Intuitively know the concerns of a person regardless of their location anywhere in the world. The unique hallmark of Antonio’s healing work is the fact that people are healed, restored to health, and reinstated with strength and peacefulness that remains as they continue in their life journey.

Antonio’s work has been featured on CNN in Atlanta and The United Nations in New York, “Antonio works with all conditions that men and women bring to him and especially pain.”

“Today, 90 percent of Silva’s treatments are performed over the phone and his success rate is staggering – heart disease, cancer, autism, addictions, depression, AIDS, and the list goes on and on.”

Dr. Glenville Ashby –

Antonio Silva reveals the principles of “paranormal healing” and his own unique work as a medical intuitive in this compelling dialogue with the renowned parapsychologist, Professor Hans Holzer. Reading this book on remote healing will help Antonio’s students to better understand Antonio’s phenomenal form of remote healing that transcends so-called ‘new age’ methods.

Antonio Silva, Author of Commanding The Light, Now Available For Public Services

“You don’t have to see it to believe it: My healing is deep within the body, the mind and the soul, you don’t necessarily see it, but you will sometimes feel it.”

“Antonio Silva … is an outstanding example of a natural healer and cannot be recommended enough,” writes Professor and PhD Hans Holzer, who has collaborated with Antonio on numerous occasions.

What Doctors Are Saying

I am Dr. Shama Alam and I met Antonio Silva and his wonderful wife in 2006. My hip at the time and thyroid were concerns. Arrangements were made for Antonio to meet me at his home in Pennsylvania. At the time I had not told Antonio my actual concerns but was aware he had multiple abilities to know such things casually and even act on them casually. What happened when I first stood face to face with me I shall never forget. Antonio greeted me at the door and as I laid eyes on him he smiled and said come in and don’t worry about your hip or thyroid. At that very moment I had multiple awareness of warmth, coolness, and tingling in my throat head and hip region. I could not move. Antonio’s wife was smiling casually and said let me take your coat. Antonio put out his hand to shake my hand once my coat was off. His eyes literally appeared to have a light in them not seen in any patient I have worked with or seen. I was noting then feeling much less pain and shook Antonio’s hand. Immediately all the pain was gone and a wave of strength filled me. From that moment forward never again did I have a thyroid problem and my hip was totally healed.

Dr. Shama Alam – Hip & Thyroid Concerns

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