How to Automatically Delete your Browsing History on Android

One of the most popular used feature on Android is web browsing, and most of the people choose to use Chrome of Firefox browsers for a better browsing experience. But in some cases users will worry about their privacy, the data which they browsed can be saved as history, cookies and cache.

Although there is an option to clear browsing data or wiping cookies etc. but in most of the cases users will forget to do that. To make sure you are secure from keeping your browsing data private, then you gotta use this privacy Browser App called Dolphin Browser Zero.

Automatically Delete your Browsing History on Android

Dolphin Zero is a free browser for Android focusing only on ensuring your privacy and safeguarding your personal data. For people who want their all input data, searches and browsing history private and strictly don’t want to share or leak anything of their browsing data away to other eye then this is a perfect browser for them.

It Automatically manages your browsed history, cache, passwords and cookies and they gets deleted after every browsing session. In case of different browser you have to delete these manually.

When you first launch the browser, tap on top-left corner beside the address bar to change your preferred search engine, and then start browsing in blazing fast privacy mode. Before closing or if you want to exit the browser, just tap on three parallel line bar at the bottom of your screen to delete your browsing history, cache, passwords and cookies.

Now a small Icon shows at middle of your screen that show  wiping process of your cookies, history etc. You can see this in image above. In some websites while you visit it tracks your location, a pop-up will appear requesting your location. Allow or Refuse by choosing the desired option.

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