10 Best Android Apps for Freelance Writers

You cannot write on your Android because it is too slow and unproductive, but if you are the sort of person who has to travel and cannot be near your computer for stretches at a time, then it may be handy to do a little research and write out a few notes on your Android. It is going to be time consuming to write a full piece on your Android, but notes and research whilst traveling is going to save time when the real writing has to happen. Here are few of the best android apps for writers to help you.

 1 – Evernote

best android apps for writers

Lots of people know Evernote. It is well liked amongst the online community and phone using community for being a note taking app. It allows you to take notes without having to carry around scraps of paper, and it helps you organize your notes so that they do not get lost and are easy to find again. It also has a lot of other functions such as one that allows you to take voice recordings, catalog audio and even catalog videos so that they are easier to find at a later date.

2 – Advanced English and Thesaurus

best android apps for writers

This is an important tool if you are going through your notes and you think up a word that you want to use in context, but you need to check the meaning of it first to avoid confusion later on. You can look up a definition to be sure you are using it correctly, and you may even find other words that are more apt for your purposes. There are a lot of words within its database, so it really is quite advanced, and it is free to use too.

I Love Poems

best android apps for writers

If you are a freelance writer and your job is to create poems then this app it going to help you. You may even organize and categories your own poems and the poems of other people. It is handy if you want inspiration for a jingle or a tag line for a client in business. The app is easy to use and makes finding your poems a lot easier than just having them on file.

Remember The Milk

best android apps for writers

As a freelance agent it is very important that you keep a good schedule and that you do not make any silly mistakes such as missing deadlines. That is why this app is so handy because it allows you to organize your week without getting bogged down in too many details. It allows you to put your daily tasks into an easy to understand and easy to follow format. It also helps to keep you motivated because your to-do list does not look as bulky and as tiresome.

5 – Wikipedia

best android apps for writers

You can call it research or you can call it inspiration. Whatever you call it you can find it with this app. As you may imagine, it is an app that uses Wikipedia posts to form its information. You can search through the information on there and come up with your own ideas for writing. It may also remind you of things that you forgot about certain subjects.

6 – Wattpad


best android apps for writers

This is an app for motivating people and is an online forum for people to publish their fiction and their poetry. It is more for unpublished work where people may at least have some people look at their work instead of it sitting on a hard drive until world war three. You may even follow the work of writers who are on there already.

7 – Bonzoi


best android apps for writers

This is an app for reading, writing and for publishing. It is made with writers in mind and gives you advice for publishing and even a method of creating an e-book. If you are looking into small time publishing with maybe a thought for going bigger one day then you may like this app.

8 – Producteev

best android apps for writers

This is a simple tool that you can use to track your time and then organize your workload around your tracking. It has collaborative elements, but it is better used by a single person who wants to get his or her time management sorted out.

9 – Scribd


best android apps for writers

As a writer you are probably going to have to do a lot of reading to do when you are looking for research (or inspiration). That is why this app is so handy as it gives you free access to a large library of books and articles.

10 – Self Publishing Guide


best android apps for writers

Self publishing costs a lot of money, but it is possible to do it online too for a much smaller cost. There are a lot of tips on this app for people who wish to be writers but who cannot get any sort of backing behind them. You should research the market first before following its advice, and you should be sure that you can spare the money for publishing because most people never get their money back. Still, if you are ready to lose a lot of money with a small hope for success, then the tips on this app may help get you on the track to self publishing.

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