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(Mitragyna speciosa

Kratom) An up and coming holistic treatment for various ailments.  Kratom is derived from leaves on a tree in South-East Asia called the tree.  This herbal extract from the leaves is being used medicinally as a relaxant, immunostimulant, opiate detoxification, pain killer, antidepressant, and anxiety control.  Kratom has also been used for treatment of minor infections, ointment for wounds, fevers, ADHD/ADD, cough suppressant, anti diarrhaeal, sexual enhancement, energy, and chronic pain management.  In small doses Kratom gives the body a boost of energy and helps the immune system.  In larger doses it has a relaxing quality.  One of the most remarkable uses for Kratom at this time is as a opiate substitute.  Addicts to opium based products, such as hydrocodone and heroin, have been able to detoxify their body using Kratom.  Addicts have been able to turn to Kratom as a methodone substitute.  Drug users involved with opiates have excruciating symptoms when detoxifying their body.  Kratom is an all natural, non-chemically enhanced, product that has began revolutionizing lives!

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