Basketball video analysis – Automated match video analysis and stats, with player and team insights all on one platform

BoomStatsAnalysis prides itself on our automated video analysis feature for Basketball teams.

The same feature is also available for Lacrosse, Rugby, Football, Handball, AFL & Surfing (just don’t tell the Basketballers).

If you are a performance analyst for a basketball team or maybe the coach or perhaps a parent volunteering for a club, no matter what your position we have the solution for you.

The way our cloud based sports analysis platform works is simple, capture the match actions on our match page (eg. 2pt made, 2 pt miss, steals etc… we are talking basketball video analysis after all), then upload your video, follow the prompt to refresh the page and click the generate clips button.

That will, in no particular order give the user the following video clips:

Basketball team level:

At the player level:

Our sports analysis platform provides way more than video analysis, we are also aiming to provide pro level functionality to all levels of sport so no matter what level you are at you can afford our platform, get in touch to learn more.


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