Best Automotive Engineering Schools in Asia

Huge international demand for professionals in automotive industry has made reputable automotive engineering schools renowned in many world regions, including Asia. From Malaysia to China and India, these automotive engineering universities and colleges are famous for producing skillful professionals in automotive field, and offering opportunities for Asian students to pursue professional career in automotive.

Best Automotive Engineering Schools in AsiaTop Automotive Engineering Schools Asian Region Offers

Here are some reputable automotive engineering schools in Asian region (including a couple in Russia):

  • Jiangsu University, China.

This university has existed since 1902, with options for bachelor degree and master programs for its automotive engineering field. This university has become a renowned name for those who pursue career in automotive, especially in China, where demands for professionals in such field are high.

  • Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Utem, Malaysia.

This country is in huge demand for professionals in automotive engineering and mechanical field, and the university offers opportunities for studying mechanical engineering technology. It offers bachelor degree education for the field, along with Honors in Automotive Technology.

  • Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

Another Malaysia’s top university in automotive field, it offers bachelor degree education in automotive engineering. This university has partnership with Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtschaft, Germany, and gets support from Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education.

  • Chhotubhai Gopalbhai Patel Institute of Technology, India.

Located in Gujarat, this is one of the best automotive engineering schools in India, with undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate programs in automotive engineering field. This university is responsible for many skillful automotive engineers that hail from India with national and international career.

  • Babasaheb Ambedkar Institute of Technology and Management, India.

Another of the best automotive engineering schools in India, this institute actually managed to be listed as top Asian universities in 2015. The school offers both bachelor and master programs in automotive engineering, and it also has training program with partnership, thanks to affiliation with Karnataka Open University.

  • Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering & Technology, India.

India’s high demand for automotive engineering professionals has made this school committed to give the best bachelor education in this field. Located in India, the school offers bachelor degree education in automobile engineering.

  • College of Engineering and Technology, India.

Located in Orissa, this is among the most reputable engineering schools in India, with bachelor and master degree educations in automotive engineering. The school is also affiliated with Maharishi Danayand University in Haryana.

  • Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia.

Although Russia is known as European country, it is located in Asian region, thus makes this university the best among automotive engineering schools in Asia. This university offers bachelor degree education in automotive engineering, plus trainings in automobile technical equipment and maintenance.

  • Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia.

Located in Perm, this is an online polytechnic university that offers bachelor and master degree in automotive engineering. It also offers technical trainings and study in social administration for those who wish to start business in automotive field.

These automotive engineering schools are not the only ones in Asian region, but they have been regarded as the best in current years.

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