How To Do BLUESTACKS Install And Run Android Apps In Windows/Mac OXP/7/8 PCS FREE

bluestacks install

Bluestacks is a software based and designed for the purpose of virtualizing Android in our PC itself. It allows the users to run their desired Android apps and games in pc itself. The program was first released in 2011 and it began to grow in size along with reputation. Here I will show you how to complete a Bluestack Install

Step 1: Bluestacks Install

You need to download the Bluestacks software first and then install it.You can download the bluestacks software from the link provided below.
You can also download from the official website of Bluestacks.
BlueStacks App Player is available for both PC and MAC.

Step 2: The Home Screen

Once if you install BlueStacks you will come upto the Home Screen where you can see and open your apps.
You can look to the above image and get known of it and usage of it.

Step 3: Setting up the App Store

After installing,the first thing you will need to do is Setting up an app store.Go to my apps and click on 1-Click Sync Setup shown in above image.It will pop up to a gmail account.You can use your existing account or sign in with a new created account.It won’t take much time and the complete process will be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Step 4- Setting up BlueStacks Cloud Connect

This is an optional step for BlueStacks users.You can get the apps and games of your Android Device directly on your pc by using BlueStacks Cloud Connect.
The download link for BlueStacks Cloud Connect is given below.
Click here to download BlueStacks Cloud Connect
Download and install this app and its done. Connect it with the account you used previously and you will get all apps of your Android device in your PC.
This is only an optional step and can also be skipped if you consider it a load.

Step 5: Installing & Running Apps

If you are not using Cloud Connect of BlueStacks you can just simply use the built in App search to search for all apps and games from Amazon, 1Mobile and Google Play.
Searching and installing apps from Google Play is better when compared to others.
BlueStacks can run a large variety of apps and games but don’t expect too high.It is now in beta version and so expect a little trail and error for apps and games compatibility.

Step 6: Controls

This is the last step or stage for BlueStacks.You need to get hold of these controls or leave all these if you are using windows 8 touch tablet or pc.
PINCH TO ZOOM– Control + , or Control –
TILT CONTROLS– Z or X can be used to tilt the device left and right.
If you have any doubt or any questions regarding the installation or working please leave a comment.

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