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Below is an extensive list of landlord resources. We have used many of these resources ourselves to good effect. Some we haven’t used but have come across during re and have reason to believe are very useful.We have tried to put all the landlord resources into as common sense an order as we could think of.This page could be key to your success at making money from property investing or developing.We will endeavour to keep it updated whenever we come across other sites or other landlord resources that we think will be of use to you.You might also want to check out our

page to get 5 crucial tips that landlords need to know. This page goes hand in hand with our landlord resources page to help make sure that you have access to great property investing resources when every you need them.There is lots of info here so prepare yourself, but don’t get overwhelmed this is a section that is not meant for you to sit down and study, instead it is a reference section about landlord resources that you can refer to as and when you need to.AUCTION RELATEDThis is Gateway site to the majority of the UK property auction market. It has guide prices, results and a whole host of other info.CREDIT CHECKING (checking your own status) – This was my first point of call when I had questions about my own credit. Experian offers a free credit report and free credit score. Check your credit history online today and find out your credit score. – Equifax very similar to experian, historically these two are have been the biggest. If you have had credit checks done before they would have most likely gone through one of these companies.House Price CheckBeing able to find out the actual real price a property sold for is a critical to part of any landlord resources list. There are lots of sites that are able to do real house price checks these days, there all pretty much the same in my experience, information is information, and they just package it differently.These sites are crucial so that you can check the REAL price properties have sold for in the local area, and not be reliant on what estate agents or the vendor tells you. Below is a list of ones I have used. I think one of them (but can’t remember which) either used to charge a fee or still do) don’t pay a fee as the others are free.  – Most of the sites above will only be able to give you information going back past about 3 months ago. For more up to date info, as in the last 3 months, for a specific property you might want to this landreg site directly, as the other sites get most of their info from there anyway.However there is normally a charge of a couple of pounds, but you get more in depth info on a specific property. So only use this resource once you have narrowed down your re and have only a hand full of properties you are targeting.Finance Relates sites Look up these sites to get good deals on things like credit cards, loans, insurances, mortgages and much much more. But be aware mortgages can normally be done quicker and cheaper through a good broker. Landlord Association SitesYou might want to consider joining at least one (no real need I can think of to join more than one) landlord association. They are a great addition to any your Landlord resources toolbox and a source of information and they can fight your corner and/or give you the correct advice if you have any problems with Tenants etc. or advice to do with anything about being a landlord. Getting a good landlord association to be on your side can be another key thing to have in your landlord resources tool box.Property Are you ing for property? Then check our these sites. – One of the UK’s premier house sites, can’t get much better for general property ing. – An increasingly more popular website for ing for property. Also has useful links to mortgage information UK Property Prices and a few other bits of useful info. – Lots of useful info on buying and selling property as well as a whole host of properties for sale. – General property website. – Good growing site, for getting the low down on properties that are empty and need to come back into regular property circulation.Re SitesBelow are a list of general re sites that you might find useful and that make an excellent addition to this landlord resources list Good site for finding out exactly where the location you are looking for is. Does es in other countries as well as the UK. – Great site for statistics on all sorts of things related to Property and just about everything else. – Don’t know the exact postcode of the property you are looking for. This is where you find it.Power Team Related Sites – Looking for an accountant, then try here. – Still Looking for an accountant, then you can also try here. – The association of residential landlords – The corgi site, great if you are looking for corgi registered gas installers and other gas related resources. – Looking for a builder, then try here also. – Looking for an Independent Financial Advisor, then try here. – Looking for a plumber, then try here. – National association of estate agents website, very useful for general property information. – Looking for a qualified electrician, try here. NICEIC acts as the electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary regulatory body for electrical installation safety matters in the UK – Looking for an architect or other info on architecture, then try here. – TrustMark is an award-winning scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and building industry to help you to find reputable firms to do repair, maintenance and improvement work inside and outside your home. **Nothing on this website should be confused with financial or legal advice. If you need this, or any other type of advice, please seek the help of a competent professional. In addition, because real estate laws change all the time and differ from state to state, and even city to city in the same state, everything in these pages should be considered general marketing advice and ideas. Please see link to full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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