Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired at Google

Well for some NOOGLER could be a term that they would have heard of while for some the heading above could just have raised a question, “ NOOGLER ? WHAT IS THAT ? ”
So rendering to the needs of the second category of people, let me first tell who actually is a NOOGLER. Nooglers are New Googlers (new joinees and interns). A Noogler is a new employee of Google. Former Google employee, or Xoogler, Doug Edwards claims to have invented the term. If you are looking to increase your chances of getting hired at Google, read on to find out how.

chances of getting hired at google
Now coming over to the first and little knowledgeable category of people who know who a noogler is, here it is to tell wahat it takes to be one of the nooglers !

Interning at google can be a dream for any under graduate and for that matter even a post graduate (taking into consideration the big name here-GOOGLE). For some it might be an opportunity to learn the best of technology and gain the best of experiences for life while for some its just an internship because an internship at Google doesn’t guarantee full-time position. Eyeing the first category of people, the experience could be a gateway to the professional life with a hell lot of advancements!

Here is how to increase chances of getting hired at google as an intern and get the NOOGLER cap for you.

You might ask, is it hard to get a job at Google? Certainly getting an intern in one of the best tech companies of the world is not a one night stand task. It takes some rigorous and effective learning throughout.

The first thing that is certainly inevitable is to know your industry and work for it in the most effective way.

The next thing that is helping these days is to get in touch with every new upcoming media and make your online presence be notified to all. More important than using social sites for personal reasons, you’ll need to understand why Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter, for example, are relevant to your industry and company.

Never say no – Learn how to make a good cup of coffee and how to double-side print on a copy machine. Llearn to take out the best from an oppotunity.

Talking about how does google get its’ nooglers, I will take you to the official resource and help you find out what it takes to become a NOOGLER


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