Easiest Methods to Change Mac Address on Android

Do you use public WiFi hotspots frequently than you must be worried about online privacy than I have solution for you? All you have to do is change MAC address android phone on which you browse via public WiFi. It’s really good idea to change MAC address of your device as your device info will be secured.

change mac address android

Today I will tell you how you can spoof or change MAC address of android phone. Yes MAC address is permanent and embedded on network card by manufacturer but it can be spoofed. There are many methods to change MAC address of android phone. But before that let’s know what MAC address is?

What is MAC address?

A Media Access Control (MAC) address is unique identifier having 12 characters, which is assigned to network card of device. It’s used to uniquely identify device over local area network. You might have seen that you get same IP address most of time this is because of MAC address which internet providers used to identify your device.

Advantages Of Spoofing MAC Address

1. You can use same Whatsapp account on two devices.
2. Changes your IP address.

Disadvantages Of Spoofing MAC Address

1. You can lose firmware files for network card if done wrong.
2. Your device warranty will be void.

Finding Original MAC address
1. Go to Setting >>About Device >>Status
2. Find 12 digit MAC address like XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
3. Note down original MAC address we will require it later.

Methods To Change MAC Address Of An Android Device

Method 1: Using Terminal Emulator

This method is for non-rooted devices means if you don’t want your device to be rooted than you can try this. You can spoof mac address android without root. We will use terminal emulator app available for free of cost in play store.

Steps To spoof MAC address android with Terminal Emulator

1. Install Terminal Emulator.

2. Open terminal emulator app and type following commands

4. Bingo now your MAC address is changed

5. To confirm type following command

busybox iplink show eth0

You can restore original MAC address by rebooting your device or either putting it in airplane mode.

Above is Busybox change MAC address method it is one of trusted ways to spoof MAC address android phone.


Above discussed methods are the safest methods to spoof Mac address android phone.
It’s advised that you only change Mac address if it’s necessary. Don’t try it for fun.
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