Why Content Marketing Should be the Biggest Part of Your Marketing Strategy

People are tired of marketing. It’s a sad fact.We are tired of invasive and intrusive advertising for products that simply don’t offer what we’re looking for.
Fortunately–or perhaps in some cases, unfortunately– the advances in technology have made it possible for us to sidestep the marketing that we find troubling and invasive.

Most of us today have a DVR. We can skip television commercials. We can thumb our way past the advertising in the newspaper. We can scroll over the ads on the average website and use a firewall or a popup blocker to get rid of the internet ads that get in our way. We are expert surfers and advertising doesn’t get in our way.

That Means Your Marketing May not Have the Effect That You Want.

Old school marketing is becoming less and less effective and we have to move with the times. The smart advertiser knows that banners, buttons, and bullets are simply not relevant to the average media user today. The savvy new builder is not using landing pages with very little good content or lacking the buttons to help the user navigate. Content and content marketing are the new order of the internet. Gaining information from website content is important to today’s website user.

What makes people notice your products today? What is good website content writing?

What is going to make your business more visible to the average person looking for information or for a product? How can you get into the lifestyle and the mind of the consumer today?

There’s got to be a better way!!

There is. Content marketing. The holy grail of internet marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing and content strategy are the creation and the strategic distribution of high quality, product-relevant content. Distributing content is one means to attract the audience that you are trying to impress and hold them captivated by what you have to offer. Content must be relevant and valuable to the reader and it should ideally drive the customer to the desired action.

Content that IS valuable to the customer can be used and reused in a wide range of ways. It can deliver more bang for your marketing buck than any other advertising method that you use.

In effect you’re recycling and lowering your marketing costs in a big way. Content repurposing works well and helps you to save money and to use the content that you get in multiple ways. Every piece of website content works overtime for you when you use content repurposing in your content marketing strategy.

The consistent creation and distribution of high quality content that will offer your customer a real value in and of itself is the key to driving sales, attracting new customers and retaining the ones that you have. Website content writing today is far different than it was even six months ago.

Content marketing–driven by quality content– grabs the attention of your reader, pushes them down the page by offering them a real value. It gives them a glimpse of something new. It teaches them something–perhaps even some additional use of your product. The end of your content offers them a subtle look at your product and sends them toward the desired action.

In essence, content marketing is the art and science of communication. It offers your customers and your prospective customers the ideas that you want them to have without selling or prodding them to buy. Instead of a heavy sales pitch, your content shows them how they can use what you have to offer enough to make them desire it.

Delivering consistent, valuable content instead of hard sales pitch materials can gain new customers, and new loyalty simply because you are perceived as a valuable resource in the online world.

Today, content marketing is being used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Dell Computing and even the Wall Street Journal. Content is one of the most valuable methods of marketing today and the reason for that is very simple. Because it works!

Not only does content marketing work, it is one of the most cost effective marketing methods in the world today. Great content makes you think–and it makes you act.

What kind of marketing are you using–and more importantly–how’s that working for you?

Aly Chiman

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