Pinterest Marketing: Just Fool’s Gold for Marketing or is there Real Opportunity?

Pinterest marketing. It’s something that’s on the minds of entrepreneurs as they wonder if this new social media site is a good way of marketing an online business. Or, is it just a huge waste of time? That’s exactly the topic covered in this new business book just released on Amazon:

Pinterest Mania, Fools Gold or Golden Opportunity? How to use Pinterest Marketing in your Business

While others are rushing to pin and puff their way to the top of the Pinterest board, author Dawn Damico backs into the subject with eyes wide open.

“Rarely is there a one-size-fits-all model for marketing an online business. Doesn’t work for clothes…doesn’t work for business! Pinterest marketing has its benefits…but it also has some challenges.” ~Dawn Damico

Here are 3 pieces of advice for those considering Pinterest marketing as a part of their content marketing strategy:

Know your customer

Pinterest is a social media platform that is made up mostly of women…as much as 80%. However, just because there is a heavy female population, don’t erroneously assume that the site is all about glamour makeup and killer heels. There are some smart, savvy business women looking for advice – and they want to look fabulous as they run their soon-to-be Fortune 500 company.

As explained in the book, there are several levels of demographics to be considered. It would be a mistake to dump all of these women in a category of “housewife”or “stay-at-home mom” or “career woman” and believe they are all alike. Even when someone works and has kids at home to manage, their shopping and buying habits could be drastically different. It’s important to understand this before using Pinterest as an online marketing tool for their business.

Be realistic about your resources
Very often, an entrepreneur starts off running their business from the kitchen table. And, they may continue to do so even when the business is making plenty of money. Business owners today have a huge advantage in the fact that the internet allows us to get more done with less overhead. Your local mail box center can become your store front, the local coffee shop can be your conference room, and your workforce can easily be a team of freelancers around the globe that are also building their business, using their talents, in a whole new way.
Even so, many entrepreneurs still get stuck and limit their success by believing that they have to “do it all”. They are solo-preneurs. But the reality is that Pinterest marketing for business is going to take some resources to get the most from it. Those resources are time, and a little bit of money (but not too much).

To be successful with Pinterest Marketing you will need to have some amazing visuals…things that people want to share. There is a viral potential with Pinterest and the way their users pin, re-pin and comment on items that catch their eye. Companies that understand this can really move ahead of their competition and be seen as a leader in their industry.

Commitment and consistency

There is mixed feedback from reporting companies on Pinterest marketing. Some say their clients are getting great traffic and conversions while others don’t see the desired results. There are a couple of good reasons for this discrepancy. However, the big take-away here is that when online marketing for business you must be consistent. Adding Pinterest marketing to your overall marketing strategy, developing a plan in your editorial calendar to build your boards and your community presence, and handing that system to implement to your Outsourcing team are all important for success.

Where to go from here with Pinterest Marketing

For those interested in getting an in-depth, objective look at Pinterest Marketing, go to and purchase the Kindle version of Pinterest Marketing Mania by Dawn Damico. Within moments you will discover if Pinterest is right for you, and then learn how to successfully implement this type of online marketing for your business…today.

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