Crucial Tips to Build a More Successful Website

There are numerous tools available on the Internet that can simplify the process of creating a new website and make it easier to perform. Taking advantage of many of these tools can quickly generate an aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to navigate.

Web Design

For many businesses, their websites are the most important online marketing tool the company has. To continue to be successful, the company must build an attractive online presence where their visitors, customers and others keep coming back.

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Years before the Internet, a business used other marketing tools including word-of-mouth, offering brochures, and direct mail advertising. Today, most every individual will visit a company’s website to obtain detailed information about the products and services they provide, its history, the value of the company and the employees. Because of the continual need to provide company information online, web design is critical in how the site performs and appears to visitors. There are key factors that must be displayed as part of the web design. These factors include:


  • The Planning and Designing Phase – It is imperative to have a plan of action when developing a new website. It should be focused on strategy and thought. Before the first click of a mouse, the new site concept should be drawn out, or based on a successful web design.
  • Easy to Understand Contents – Use everyday language. Anyone landing on the website should not be required to have a dictionary. All online content should be written in words that can be easily understood. Remember the audience, and write accordingly. When writing content, it is important to keep search engines in mind. By utilizing keywords, Google and other search engines can quickly help locate the website. Well-written, focused content is critical to search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Downplay Flash Technology – Unlike years in the past, today’s technology requires the minimal use of flash graphics. It presents problems on the Internet. Due to the technology, some individuals will not be able to sign on, and iPhone, iPad and iTouch users will be left out in the dark (Apple products do not accommodate flash technology). Uploads and downloads will be significantly slower. Overall, it is simply a hassle to use flash technology. Successful sites use the technology sparingly, or not at all.
  • Utilize Social Media Channels – Any company that does not utilize social media channels is missing the boat. With the ability to continually update Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest, companies can keep in contact with their customers, clients, patients and others. Research indicates that online visitors are more likely to integrate company brands into their own Twitter feeds and news feeds than they are to simply bookmark the page.
  • Avoid Splash Pages – Flash technology is not the only problem with mobile devices using the Internet to connect to web pages. Splash pages tend to annoy visitors that must wait just to enter the site. Research indicates that upwards of 25% of the total traffic will immediately jump the site when faced with a splash page. If the goal is to generate profits, it is always better to utilize the best methods to get the most out of visiting traffic.
  • Remember Simple Is Better – A simpler page, or one that is simply uncluttered, usually produces better results. A website that is designed simply will function better, likely have better navigation and make it easier for the visitor to understand how to move about.
  • Enhanced SEO –Not every web developer is computer savvy to handle search engine optimization (SEO). However, there are specific platforms available that do this automatically, including WordPress. Professional style pre-designed WordPress templates are available that utilize meta-description and meta-tags, along with other proven SEO technology, to automatically rank the website’s results higher in search engine queries.
  • Incorporate a Blogging Site – Some platforms, like WordPress were originally designed specifically as a blogging site. Even though over 60% of the top 1 million websites in the world use the WordPress platform for their websites, it can easily incorporate a blogging site for the company. Through blogging, the company can maintain a personal connection with their customers and clients to keep them fully informed of sales, offerings, current information and helpful tips. A blogging site can also accept comments and answer questions – all critical tools in maintaining a professional web appearance.
  • E- Commerce Solutions – If the website will be used to buy and sell merchandise and/or services, or accept donations, it will need a shopping cart integration. Utilizing the best services delivered by a platform, such as WordPress, will allow customers and clients to make purchases 24 hours a day.

With the best web design concentrated on SEO, online marketing and focused content, the new site can quickly become successful and profitable. Developing a site with the customer in mind will make each online visitor feel more comfortable, and more likely to stay and look around to perform a call to action.

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