Write In Their Voice: Business Intelligence For The Modern Copywriter

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Being a modern copywriter is a very fun job. You get to work on a variety of different projects and writer for a variety of different mediums. One day you may write website copy for a school, and the next day you may be writing a newspaper advertisement for a pet store.

Because of the constant changes in content and style, acquiring knowledge in by learning the art of copywriting requires a great deal of skill. Not only do they have to be able to research audience demographics, companies and industries at the drop of a hat, but they also have to possess necessary skills that can allow them to write for many different platforms.

In order to be a successful modern copywriter, you must utilize the following business intelligence suggestions.

Educate yourself on your client’s style.

Every client is going to have a different tone and style they want to possess to their customers, so it’s very important you educate yourself on this desire. Some clients will want the tone of their work to be more playful, others will want to be witty, and some will want to simply be informative. If you use the wrong tone, you could end up confusing the client’s audience and hurting their branding efforts.

Keep it consistent.

Once the tone and style have been decided, it’s important to stick with it. Changing the tone and style between content is only going to confuse the audience and not provide the client with good branding. If you have a hard time remembering the tone and style a client prefers, consider writing a style guide for them in order to help you remember. This will ensure you’re consistent.

Use tools.

There are plenty of tools available for copywriters, so it’s important you use them. Tools such as Thesaurus.com can help you find a better word for your content, and using Dictionary.com can help you determine if you’re spelling a word correctly or using it in the right context. Utilizing a grammar tool to standardize your content is another good idea. Grammar tools can check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and context to ensure that your writing is both error free and consistent with the client’s needs.

Write in their voice.

While you already have the style guide and desired tone for your audience, it’s also important to write in a voice the audience will understand. After all, they are the people your content is aiming at, and if they have trouble understanding what you’re trying to say, it will make your copy ineffective.

It’s very important that you know who exactly makes up the demographic for your client. For example, if your client is involved with helping uneducated individuals earn their GED, it’s important that the content contains simple words with an easy-to-understand message. If you are providing PhD level content aimed at individuals that didn’t finish high school, your content is going to be ineffective because your message will not be accurately portrayed.

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