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Do you ever stop sometimes and look at your husband and feel like you miss him? I have had this feeling numerous times since the arrival of our little Miss. And every time I feel like that, I know we are desperately in need of a date night.

The only hitch?


Well the only hitch is that Eric likes to “do things” when we go on dates, like play Mini-Golf. By the way, have you ever seen a monk playing mini-golf? Neither had I until now.

My idea of a great date is to go places, and eat, drink, and be merry, preferably wearing something nice too.

We have sorted this out by the following rule – whoever organizes the date gets to pick. Fair is fair.

So…..dream with me as I take a window shopping trip on what I would wear on my next fancy date.

by Lilly Pulitzer

Why would I pick this? Well, besides that it is lovely, and that I live in San Diego, and it is the middle of summer, well, I’d pick it because it is white. Pure white, and NOTHING in a household with an 11 month old will get dirtier faster than a pretty white dress for date night.

So I’m just dreaming.

Oh, also, it has a crocheted topping. Again, see the part about having an 11 month old…

at Nordstrom

Then I’d get these lovely sandals, mainly because I don’t wear heels, and because they’d look so good with some freshly-pedicured feet!

by A Certain World

Next? I’d get a delicate gold necklace with just a splash of summer color. I’m really into orange lately too. I blame it on this lady, right.

by Kaz Style

Ooh ooh, This clutch is lovely. It would match my necklace, add a pop of color to the outfit AND IT IS MADE FROM A VINTAGE KIMONO. Dude, a vintage kimono!

Side note: Did you know that the actress who played the Japanese Geisha in Memoirs of a Geisha, is actually Chinese? This apparently drives people nuts. I had no idea! What do you think? Cool, or not cool?

Okay, back to my point. A dream date night.


Oh, and we’d go back to the restaurant where Eric proposed!

How about you? Where would your next dream date take you and what would you wear?

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