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Quantum Energy PT Baitcasting Reel

Saltwater is tough on fishing equipment, and nothing can ruin a fishing trip faster than dealing with a reel that has problems due to saltwater corrosion. The Quantum Energy PT uses 9 hybrid polymer-stainless steel bearings and Quantum’s exclusive Saltgard, 6-layer corrosion resistant finish to allow for years of trouble-free fishing in harsh saltwater environments.

The Quantum Energy PT not only handles saltwater with ease, it is also built to handle the aggressive nature of saltwater fish. The Energy PT reels are available in either a 6.3:1 “quick” or the 7.0:1 “burner” gear ratio. The “burner” geared reels come with a “V” spool. The “V” spool allows for a higher line capacity and allows line to lay flatter on the spool during quick retrieves.

Retrieving the line is one thing, stopping a fish when it strikes the lure is another. Quantum’s ceramic drag system is sure to but the brakes on a fish’s quick retreat. Quantum’s specially coated ceramic drag system offers a more consistent operation and allows for better heat dissipation under the load of a fighting fish. This combination requires less maintenance and an increased drag life compared to a standard felt washer drag system.

Older model Quantum reels were known to be heavy and bulky, which turned off many fishermen. Quantum shaved of 2.1 ounces of weight and changed to an aggressive, low profile design. These changes make the Energy PT a reel that remains comfortable and easy to manage during a long day of fishing.

With all the features of the new Energy PT baitcasting reel, Quantum has pulled away from the competition with a reel that can not easily be dominated.

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