Digital Ration Card in India

India is getting digitized and so are the basic facilities. Ration Card: most crucial and important document in India is going digital now. e Ration Card is a new concept that is currently being implemented by states like Delhi, Kolkata etc. Very soon we will see such schemes rolled out in other states as well. As of now, state governments has launched various schemes like ration card status, online application, ration card search etc. Ration Card process is not completely digitized yet. A lot need to be done in this niche but the speed with which various state governments are moving, I believe we will very soon achieve our target.

Ration Card

Ration Card holds important information like name of the person, address, age etc. Ration Cards are used for getting discounts/subsidized rates at the fair price shops (FPS) in local areas. This document can also be treated as the identity proof and can be attached anywhere where you need to give your identity proofs. With the concept of e ration cards, you don’t need to carry their hard copies anymore. You can manage all the things on online platforms.

When ration card digitization will be completed?

Every technical process needs time and rough level of testing (for a scheme like ration card which touches every Indian house). So we will have to wait for few more years. Ration Card digitization will be completed in steps and will be launched in patches. As much as I can see now, we can have the fully automated process in coming 2-3 years. Few states have already rolled out the online version whereas few states are yet to implement it. In future you may be issued a ration card coupled with microprocessor chip that carries your unique identity (you and yours family). Like any access card, this chip will hold all the rationing records which will be stored on cloud storage/databases. Government can use this data for making reports to make the best use of distribution schemes. Let us wait and see what happens in coming years.

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