What is Cinavia and How to Bypass it

Have you ever heard about Cinavia? If yes then you are all set for this article and if no then don’t worry, we will introduce Cinavia from the very basic here. Cinavia is a protection that keeps the authenticated audio/video work alive using Cinavia watermark. It basically protects video piracy over various platforms that include Sony PlayStation, Samsung devices or any BluRay player. In short Cinavia is used by most of the content producers to keep their work safe from any sort of piracy.

Cinavia Error 1

How Cinavia works?

Cinavia works with help of a code that is embedded in audio part of the clip. Official videos do not have that code while un-official or pirated video have that. So as soon as your disk reads that particular part of the video (where Cinavia code is embedded), it will start giving various warnings and will unmute the audio (in most of the cases).

Cinavia Message Codes

Cinavia is popular for various message codes (1,2,3,4) that shows the type of error. Cinavia Message Code 3 is very popular among all the four types. It mutes the audio completely and viewers will no longer be able to hear sound of any part in the video. Audio will be unmuted as soon as reader exceeds the disk part where Cinavia code is embedded. Any of these Cinavia warning will start popping out continuous warning messages and one time will come when you will have no other option rather either skipping the video part or switching your device OFF.

How to bypass Cinavia Errors

Cinavia is popular among PlayStation3 and 4. It comes in other devices like Samsung as well. Do we really need to bypass this protection? I mean if something is stopping piracy then we must support it, right? Yes we must support it but it is observed that Cinavia hits genuine videos sometimes also. It mainly targets on homemade videos. In such rare cases, it becomes very important to bypass Cinavia errors. You either have to skip the Cinavia protected audio from your clip or you can try out various products (Google it, you will get many) for bypassing the Cinavia error from your audio/video clip. Do let me know if you need help with any of the Cinavia Message code or want to fix it for Sony PS3 or PS4.