Do You Think It’s Time To Blog?

If you have a hobby or profession that you want to share with other likeminded individuals, but you are not sure exactly sure how, why not start your very own blog? Blogging is usually free, or very cheap, and it takes just a few minutes to get yours up and running on the internet. If you like the idea of having your own blog, check out this article for some cool tips on how to begin.

You Need Something Cool

Well not really but you are better off with a subject that is fairly popular, otherwise your blog will generate very little interest. It needs to be something in your life that you feel a lot of love for, otherwise your lack of genuine interest will hardly ignite any fires of passion on others. If you have a penchant for a particular type of music or perhaps a special talent for drawing, then you will be able to connect with lots of people who share your niche.

Be a Fountain Of Knowledge

Many of us search the internet for information and answers to our questions, if you have sufficient knowledge to offer some bespoke advice, you will be in demand as a result. You can set yourself up as a cyber-version of an agony aunt, just ensure that the advice you are dishing out is up to date and absolutely spot on.

Be Inspirational

If you have a story to tell that will help others to overcome a similar plight, use your blog to spread the good word. It may be a journey you completed against the odds, or just a quick fix for a tricky computer issue, but people are always impressed by others who go the extra mile. Just try to avoid blowing your own trumpet, the internet is full of false hopes and broken promises.

The Name Must Rock!

Use a little imagination when naming your blog, because people have so many options when they get the search engine results. Choose a name that will stick in people’s minds otherwise you will have less visitors than a retired politician!

Choose A Hosting Site

The two most popular blog creation sites are ‘Blogger’ and ‘Wordpress’, these are both very easy to use and maintain. You can buy a custom name for a few pounds or get a free one by using a suggested title. Setting up your blog is absolute child’s play and the wizard will have you up and running in minutes. You will be able to choose a blog theme using the template and will have the choice of a public or private site.

Promotion Time!

You can now write your first ever blog post, make it short but to the point, a welcome post is usually best received. Now your blog is ‘live’ you should waste no time in promoting it to the world. You can use your Facebook page to connect your friends to your blog. If you set the blog up correctly, it will automatically publish your latest blog post to your social media sites.

Have Fun!

Congratulations, you have now got a live blog, so just remember to grow your audience slowly and get ready to make hundreds of new friends with similar interests!

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