9 Proven eCommerce Web Design Hacks to Get More Sales

Bringing your offline store, online is an easy task. The real work is bringing sales through the e-commerce website you have created. With thousands of e-commerce player in the market, the market has become really cluttered and unless you provide some unique experience to your user your ecommerce store would find hard to survive.


The way your product is represented, the ease of search and checkout, the payment process all determine whether the visitor is going to purchase your product or not. Therefore it becomes extremely important that your website is designed in a way that it is user friendly and fast. Following are a few recommendation we would like to give for eCommerce web design so as to get more sales:

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  • Website Speed- Unlike old days, people now have plenty of online stores to purchase from. As such if your website loads slow then they are going to switch to another site. Thus, one of your purchasing customer turned into a non-returning visitor due to slow website loading.
    There are several tools to check the speed of your website like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Few recommendation would be to use compressed images, optimize CSS delivery, make top of the page load faster then below part (Done by splitting CSS into two parts).

  • Easiness during Checkout- If you have a lengthy checkout page, be sure that there would hardly be a customer who is going to bear the entire procedure and purchase an item. Thus you lost a customer who was just going to make a sale for you.

    Try making a single page checkout that only has important field and is not cluttered. You can also allow people to use their social media profile to fill certain information which can be easy and time saving. Also while designing checkout consider mobile users who would find it hard to enter information, if there are lot of fields to type.

  • Landing Page- A landing page serves two purposes-
    a. It takes the visitor to a page where you can show them a product or service which you want to sell. For e.g if you want to show a new t-shirt design on your store, direct the user to that page upon signing in.
    b. Slowly the customer would get familiarize with the page and would find it very easy the next time he visits your website to shop.

    Make sure that your landing page is simple and there are no distracting elements that can take visitors to other pages.
    google analytics
  • Analyze Google Analytics- How well do you know your target audience? Probably very well. But there’s someone who knows it better, Google Analytics. Yes Google analytics has all the relevant data related to the traffic on your website like the device they use, age , region, etc. Thus, before making any changes to the website you must research thoroughly the data on analytics and then keeping these data in mind you should further change the design of your website.
  • Conversion Audit- Your website is quite attractive, but does it convert traffic? With hundred of tools and template available it has become very easy to develop an attractive website, but when one looks at the conversion rate it’s an entirely different story.

    Once you do a conversion audit, you can identify the problem with your website and the reason why it could not convert traffic. Thereafter one can easily make necessary changes to their website before starting the marketing process.

  • Device Being Used- From which device are people coming to your website. You can get the data of the device being used from Google Analytics. One can also use heat maps to find out which page the user are visiting the most, the content up to which the users are scrolling, etc. This can prove really helpful in placing a CTA button or other necessary tab. In any way mobile device results in more than half of the e-commerce traffic. As such it becomes necessary that you make your website design keeping in mind mobile users.

  • Showcase Testimonial and Trust Signals- Nothing can beat the trust that a new visitor gets upon seeing a review given by people who have bought a product or service. Therefore you need to highlight the testimonials which visitors can easily see.

    Also as people would be dealing with online payment, they want to be sure that the website is secure. For this you must have trust signals that you can show on your website. Also if you have received any business award then do show it on your website.
  • Simple Font- No one wants to put stress in order to read a content written in difficult font. So, keep your font simple. This ensure a that whatever device your customer is browsing from they can easily read your content.

  • Exit Pop-Up Offer- You have spend a lot to bring a visitor on your website. The visitor came, spend some time on your website but is leaving without purchasing a product. The whole purpose of your advertisement failed and in the process you lost your money too. One way you can stop people from leaving your site is by giving them exit pop-up offers when they try to leave the site. Even if there are few conversion at least some of your money invested would serve the purpose of advertisement.

These are some important e-commerce hack one can use to boost their sales. Have you used any of these? Do share your experience.

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