7 Old School Job Interview Tips That Still Work

With all the hustle and bustle of the newest and latest job interview tips and secrets springing up every day (especially online), people can forget that sometimes, simpler is better. These concepts might be said and done, but these are the real essentials to acing any interview, ideals that are universally effective.

Mastering each one of these seven old school tips should provide all the job interview help you’ll need in order to seal the deal and get any job you desire (provided you’re qualified):

job interview tips

Tip One:

Start things off as positive as you can. You should arrive at the interview with a cheerful and pleasant demeanor. Exuding a positive aura ensures a friendly start and sets up the foundation of a good interview.

Tip Two:

The first question will be an inquiry of who you are. This is the interviewer’s way of asking you to reveal your strengths, weaknesses, intentions for joining the company, expectations, limitations, etc. All in all, it’s a way for you to take charge of the job interview and steer it towards your favor.

Tip Three:

Everyone appreciates sincerity, and the interviewer is no exemption. By answering truthfully any question that comes your way, you’re showing that you’re dependable and open to objective and constructive criticism –good qualities to work with should you be chosen for the job.

Tip Four:

Good communication skills equal instant marketability. Listen intently, think hard & quick, and speak plainly and honestly. Don’t waste the interviewer’s time with too many side-dishes and segues. The key here is to just answer questions as simple as you can. The more the interviewer understands you, the more they relate to you, and the more they’re likely to take you on. Job interview preparation means good and honest communication.

Tip Five:

Be aware of your non-verbal cues. Your body language reveals a lot about your intentions and the emotions you’re currently feeling. Be careful not to look weak by biting your nails, or disinterested by slouching lazily. Try to appear confident and sure of yourself with a straight posture and consistent eye contact. Use your gestures to express yourself more vividly; use your mannerisms to subtly convey positive attitudes. Where words fail to bring meaning, the body provides.

Tip Six

Dress the part. Perhaps the simplest yet most neglected piece of advice in handling an interview is looking the part. A good roster of job interview skills works best if packaged appropriately. Suit up if you need to; you don’t want to be the only person there not wearing a suit. Or maybe it’s a good idea to dress down. Call ahead, ask if there’s a dress code, and stick to it.

Tip Seven:

What’s your unique selling point? Of the dozens of other individuals applying for the same job as you, you need some way to be remembered. Your qualifications might be enough to get you an interview, but that’s just half of it. You need some way to distinguish yourself from the pack.

While more eccentric methods have worked for some, a simpler way to be remembered is sending a job interview thank you letter after the interview is done. Not only will this show professionalism, but it’ll keep your name in their heads for a longer time.

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