Mountain Bike Guide Follow the NORBA Code of Ethics

Salida and Buena Vista Colorado

Mountain Bike Vacation Guide

For mountain biking’s benefit

Follow the NORBA Code of Ethics

The following is the National Off-Road Biking

Association’s Code of Ethics. Banana Belt Fat Trackers urge you

to follow the code – be a credit to biking.

1. I will yield

the right of way to other non-motorized recreationists. I realize

that people judge all cyclists by my actions.

2. I will slow

down and use caution when approaching or overtaking another and

will make my presence known well in advance.

3. I will maintain

control of my speed at all times and will approach turns in anticipation

of someone around the bend.

4. I will stay

on designated trails to avoid tramping native vegetation and

minimize potential erosion to trails by not using muddy trails

or short-cutting switchbacks.

5. I will not

disturb wildlife or livestock.

6. I will not

litter. I will pack out what I pack in, and pack out more than

my share if possible.

7. I will respect

public and private property, including trail use and no trespassing

signs; I will leave gates as I found them.

8. I will always

be self-sufficient and my destination and travel speed will be

determined by my ability, my equipment, the terrain and present

and potential weather conditions.

9. I will not

travel solo when bike-packing in remote areas. I will leave word

of my destination and when I plan to return.

10. I will practice

minimum impact bicycling by “taking only pictures and memories

and leaving only waffle prints.”

11. I will always

wear a helmet when I ride.

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