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Since 1954, Balzhiser & Hubbard Engineers has applied appropriate engineering technology and practices to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our staff works closely with architects and owners to ensure a thorough understanding of the owner’s needs and the architectural vision for the

building. This approach, combined with our longstanding desire for energy efficiency and best cost / benefit to the owner, made for an easy

transition to sustainable design practices in the late 1990’s.

Sustainability extends to each of our major departments with numerous LEED Accredited Professionals in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil

Departments. Sustainable design for building projects requires that many different design disciplines work closely to realize synergetic benefits

from design decisions. Some building projects are more complex than others, but most will involve architecture, structures, site design,

electrical, and mechanical systems. BHE has the in-house experience in working together applying sustainability on numerous projects to best

meet LEED requirements.


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