The Facebook Conundrum: How to Alleviate your Fear of Using Social Networks

For many small business owners and startup organizations the thought of using social media for marketing creates fear, bewilderment and trepidation. After all, you not only have to learn how to use the technology, but many entrepreneurs start wondering what in the world to say.

Do we sell? Is it just a place where we talk about ourselves with no upside?

In other words, if we are just tweeting and posting on Facebook, how does that translate into revenue and not wasted time and effort?

If you happen to be one of many new companies trying to get your mind around this whole “social media” thingy; the following might help you see the forest through the trees.

1. Tooling Around

To get at the heart of social media, we must break it down into its main base component. After all, what is marketing really but a form of communication. However, unlike traditional marketing methods such as advertising, these “tools” are a two-way street. Brick and mortar businesses are practicing social media every single day only face-to-face and during business hours. Employees and owners communicate with people like you and me, only that tool is our physical body. Social networks act as our virtual body. They are simply platforms that facilitate communications all hours of the day.

2. Building Rapport

Imagine for a moment you are a sales rep. If you have a business, you are in fact your own sales rep. In the process of sales you communicate with potential clients by asking questions, answering them, listening to needs, telling a story and providing information. In essence you build rapport face-to-face or via mediums like a telephone. Social networks provide a pathway to communicate and perform all of the soft sales techniques you would normally do in front of someone. You control the environment, talk to existing clients, potential new ones and learn and create a digital experience building rapport on a bigger level.

3. Creating the Experience

Whether your company operates in a retail setting or completely online, social networks can offer a compelling reason for customers and prospects to experience your company 24 hours a day. Whether you sell widgets or adventures, creatively attracting customers and giving them a reason to come back, learn more, sign up for information (think leads here) and even push that buy button; can all be done using social networks.

There is no need to re-invent the wheel here. Look at what is working and try it yourself within the scope of your products or services. Just give them a reason.



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