Facebook Distracting You From Work? Block It!

Facebook has shifted the No. 1 top leading social networking website crown on its head. People create account from worldwide and use it personally and commercially. More than 5 Million of children were to be found using Facebook under the age of 10 years.

It is to be noted that people especially parents are finding solutions online to block Facebook, as their children are getting addicted to it and distracting from their studies. Not even parents, in a normal survey about Facebook rage, it is be found that people have too much craze for Facebook and they get distracted from their work in their houses as well as offices. People said that whenever they have to do some work on their PC, Facebook distracts them from the work.

As many people controls themselves to avoid Facebook but what in case of children? Even me too personally face this problem. Whenever I start my blogging work; my mind gets distracted from my work and I start to use Facebook. Many IT professional experts are finding the solution to block Facebook manually. Some people want to block Facebook for limited time and some want it permanently. So, I have tried to find a perfect solution for this which is both free of cost as well as paid too.

I have found a useful software to block Facebook and Youtube for time durations as well as permanently. The software name is “ FB Limiter”.

What is FB Limiter?

FB Limiter is an application to block Facebook and Youtube. FB Limiter is a windows application. From this application, people can block Facebook and Youtube sites as per their need. Basically, it is available in both free and paid versions. The free version allows user to block Facebook and Youtube permanently and the paid version has features and controls to do the blocking/unblocking for some interval of time i.e. entered manually by the user.

Features of FB Limiter:

  • Block Facebook and Youtube permanently to avoid the distraction of people and children from their studies and work ( Free Version )
  • Limited access of Facebook and Youtube for a short interval of time during a day i.e. unblock for children for just one/two hour a day to limit the use ( Pro Version – Time Lock )
  • If anybody is fully distracting from the work and cant able to control themselves from using you can lock it totally/permanently ( Pro Version – Total Lock )
  • You can fix the usage time and day i.e. one hour daily from  _ to  _ ( Pro Version – Duration Lock )
  • This application is password protected i.e. only that person can change the blocking/unblocking who know the password. Otherwise, no one can change the settings

How to Use/Set-Up FB Limiter?

You can use FB Limiter by just downloading it from here –> FB LIMITER ( Free Version ) and simply run the downloaded file and install it to your computer system. After the installation, you will be prompted to register a new account to unlock the software. After registering for that, you will be automatically redirected to the user friendly interface ( as shown below )


Now, you can block Facebook and Youtube as you want i.e. permanently or for some specific interval of time. This software has been tested for Win XP Service Pack 2 and above versions. So, simply download it and concentrate on your work and studies.

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