Facebook confirms your location settings Status on their new update for iOS8 Remains the Same

Apple`s new launch of iPhone 6 has already created a buzz in the market. They sold over record-breaking 4 Million (YES! 4 MILLIOOOON), phones on the debut day. They also launched their new Operating System, iOS8 which is claimed to be the most powerful operating system created by them, which saw the biggest OS release ever. Even, I installed it the previous night at 1 am (Crazy!). And, guess what`s the first thing I did? I installed my favorite app, yeah you guessed it right, FACEBOOK (hehe).
facebook location status
Anyway, So Why you don’t have to worry about your location on Facebook`s new update:

Earlier, Apple devices provided users with only two options for Location Service: “On” or “off”. Now, there are three choices: “Always” , “While Using the App”, or Never”. When you update to iOS 8, the previous setting used for Facebook with Location Services set to “On,” will now start out as “Always” on the new update.

If you are using Apps from Facebook like Messenger and Instagram, which don’t rely on getting location in the background, the Location Services setting for the iOS 8 versions will start at “While Using the App.”

This is the new interface of Facebook for iOS8 (Source: Facebook)


Facebook says “Nothing has changed about how Facebook gets location information from devices, but Apple has updated its Location Services setting…Facebook isn’t getting any new location information when you upgrade to iOS 8…You control your location information. Nothing is changing and Facebook will continue to respect the choices you’ve made about location.”

So, Go ahead without a tad-bit worry, you can use the new Facebook App for iOS8 from anywhere and be assured that your location is not being shared/monitored unless you opt to run the location service in background.

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