Fiverr Review – How to Choose Good Quality Gigs

Fiverr is one of the biggest internet marketplace now a days. Here people offer their services, what they can do for $5 and interested buyers orders their services. Each services are called as gigs. It does hold a lot of value in terms of internet marketing.

A lot of marketers use this website to promote their website, to get content, to get traffic etc. While surfing around the internet, I have seen a lot people are seeking for Fiverr review about SEO gigs. Some gigs are too good to be true. Like a gig is offering

“I will submit 10,000 wordpress comments and 3000 high quality backlinks on relative blogs for $5”

How it can be true? Because a buyer pays $5 for a gig but a seller gets only $4. $1 is the charge of fiverr. It means you are about to get 10000+3000 backlinks for $5. Imagine how can a seller can sell that much backlink for $4? Isn’t this too good to be true?
Another one-

“I will increase Your Website Ranking With My Special Offer With Over 500 Quality Backlinks for $5”

Think as a marketer, are good quality or high PR backlinks really that cheap? Only a real marketer knows how much effort it takes to get high PR backlinks. It takes a lot of time to research and finding from where to achieve those backlinks.

Suppose after researching, the marketer have got 10 suitable places to acquire backlinks. But there is no guarantee that he will get backlinks from all those 10 sites. Still, how these gig sellers are going to give you that massive number of backlinks for only $5?

Always remember, it is better to stay from those gigs which are too good to be true. There are a lot of scammers around the web and fiverr is not out of their reach. A lot of scammers scam people, yet hold good positive review. How? Here is an example which I have read in a very very popular IM forum-

I saw a gig called “I will advertise your website with banner in a webpage with 20000 unique traffic per day for $5”. I thought WOW. 20000 per day, not a bad idea get some quick traffic. After contacting the seller, he informed me that the banner will be live in the webpage for 5 days. I ordered the gig. He placed my site’s banner in the webpage. I was shocked. Because that so called high traffic webpage is nothing but a billboard with a lot of banners of different websites.

Unfortunately, I did not get a single traffic from that source for 5 days. At the end of 5 days the seller contacted me saying, if I give him a positive review he will keep my banner in that webpage for 2 more days.

This is how some people are scamming and earning money in other words looting money from people. Most of those thousands of backlink gigs are nothing but spamming. They will blast your website link and anchor text with some crappy software which will hurt your site’s ranking. Sometimes those kind of backlinks can penalize your site too.

Yet, there are a lot of gigs which are really good. Like,
“I will manually submit your articles into 25 article directories for $5”
“I will manually make 20 blog comments at 20 unique high PR blogs for $5”.

What do you think about this kind of gig? Aren’t they believable? Yes, they are. A person can submit your articles into 25 article directories manually for $4. Why I will prefer this kind of gig? Because it will be a manual work, which is a recommended part of white hat SEO. Personally, I always prefer manual backlink building.

So, I will recommend you to be very choosy while ordering a SEO gig in fiverr. Choose the best one which will be good for you. Do not become dependent at the reviews only. Reviews does indicate the seller’s verdict but it may not indicate the quality of the gig every time. Do not order unbelievable, unimaginable gigs. Rather order the gigs which are very much believable.