Tips to Increase Ranking in Youtube

YouTube Itself is another world in the web. It have got a huge number of registered members (almost 75 million+) and almost 150,000 videos are uploaded to this site everyday. This site gives an wonderful opportunity for the businesses and customers to get connected with each other. Also it can provide valuable backlinks to their business websites which can play a big factor to rank well in search engines especially in Google. It is very important for a business to increase youtube ranking of their videos.

Youtube itself have got rules and regulations in terms of ranking a video which is similar to search engines. They counts the number of comments, views, shares, likes, dislikes, subscriptions while ranking a video of a particular channel. There has been a recent news that the youtube is considering the amount of time spent watching a video while ranking.

Why it is important to rank a video in Youtube? A higher ranked video can increase the interaction between you and your potential customers / audiences. Through this you can drive more and more traffic to your site very easily.

Lets have a look at the ranking factors which are important to rank a video in Youtube-

Title & Description: It is a common factor for both Youtube and search engines. The title should be on the topic and should draw the attention of the traffic. Try to make an attractive Title. Make some keyword research and add the keyword into your title. This will increase the chances of your video being appeared when a user search for a video related to your keyword.

Also make a description through which your audience have clear view about your video. Also put your target keyword once in your description.

Tags & Number of Views: Proper tagging is very important to increase the ranking of your video. Try to put different variations of your tag related to your keyword and different search queries. It will help to increase your video’s ranking.

Increasing the number of views is also very important to get higher ranking in youtube. Initially, you can share your videos in social medias like Facebook, twitter.

InterActivity: Prove yourself as an active user of Youtube. Visit around other videos, rate them, like them or dislike them, make comment etc. Through this other people will visit your videos. Reply to the comments made in your videos. It will give your viewers a pleasent experience.

Links: Add / embed your videos where possible. Social networking sites, websites, especially web 2.0 sites are the best places to embed your youtube videos. It will work as backlinks to your videos. As Google counts backlinks as a factor while ranking a website, so does the Youtube because it is also owned by Google.

Time Watched: The new Youtube Analytics includes a new tab now called Time Watched. It means, when a viewer plays your videos, how long they are watching it. If the viewer is leaving you video right after starting or at the middle, it means the quality/content of your video is not good. This gives youtube a overview about the quality of your video. Based on this, they rank your video. So here also, creating good content is important.

Those are the most important factors to increase video ranking in youtube. If you have some other thoughts, fell free to leave a comment.

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