Fix iPhone Storage Full Message With These Simple Steps

“iPhone Storage Full?” Well, don’t worry, no need to curse your iPhone, it’s just to tell you that its time to let go of some old useless stuff stored in your iPhone and make up some additional space.

Try out these easy steps to make up space in your iPhone and start collecting new stuff.

Find out what’s taking up your space

Well, first of all, find out what’s taking up your space so follow these steps

Go to: settings>general>storage>manage storage and the other way is to connect your phone to you PC and use itunes and it will show you the storage of your cell.


First way to free up some space is to delete and reinstall your app. It will for sure give you some part of your storage back. (Try this with Facebook)

Second, you can remove old voicemails and podcasts if you don’t have any emotional attachment to them.

Third is to free up space by deleting up your Safari cache. You never use it, you can’t delete it and it still suck up your space (for iOS 10 users this is not a problem anymore now). Settings>safari>clear history and website data

Fourth way is back up all your photos to ICloud and just turn off I Cloud drive. Settings>iCloud>iCloud drive>off. Now your cloud photos will not be shown in your I phone and if for some reason you want to see them again you can just turn it back on.

Still not enough space??


Try this bizarre trick(risk-free) that free up plenty of bytes on your iPhone. The first step is to check on this trick first check up your free space left in your storage.

Setting>general>about  (jot down the available space)

The second step is to now go to iTunes and head to movies, then find out any big title movie say Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides of size 7gb to 8gb(keep in mind that you require to find out the movie of size bigger than your free space size)

The third step now is to tap on rent button twice, don’t worry you don’t have to actually rent it. Now since you don’t enough space on your device the pop-up screen will appear saying there’s not enough space available to proceed with your rental request, now go back to setting and check your free space.

And just like that, it will suddenly show 100’s of free Mb and in some cases even Gb’s of free space…

I have tried this couple of times but it’s not clear how this happens, I tried searching every pics and video and everything on my phone but surprisingly nothing was lost.

If it helps you in any way please comment and share it…..


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