Low Virtual Memory? Get It Fixed

Your system is low on virtual memory! Appearance of this message on your computer could be frustrating, but that doesn’t mean that your computer is in a danger zone. It is just that the system is low on physical memory, to carry out any process.


low virtual memory

You might wonder that there should be any problem, when virtual memory is present. What if, the virtual memory is also running on low memory? Your system will not be able to run any process, upon request. The reason could be the numerous running of programs.

Virtual memory

The computer makes use of RAM memory space to run any program, it wants to. Whenever the RAM is not enough to run a program, it takes the help of virtual memory to compensate for the need of space.

Computer doesn’t understand the difference between the physical memory and virtual memory, so it is easy to fool it and the work gets completed, by making use of the virtual memory.

How to fix the issue with virtual memory?

The error of virtual memory is usually caused due to low RAM space. This problem can be easily fixed by adding more physical memory to your computer. Probably, an extra RAM will serve the purpose. However, this method could be little expensive.

An alternate option is to increase the size of the page file. Here is how you can increase the page file size:


low virtual memory

  • Choose Properties, by right clicking on My Computer icon.
  • Under ‘Advanced’ tab, choose ‘Settings’ in ‘Performance’ section.
  • This will open a window. Go to ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Virtual Memory’ section and click on ‘Change’.
  • To change the page file size, choose ‘System managed size’ and make the necessary changes.
  • Get it done, by clicking ‘Ok’.

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