Forever Blocking Ad Pop-ups and Re-directions in Windows

If you’d ask me, there is nothing as annoying as being redirected to about five different, meaningless, and unnecessary sites in a row when trying to get something done online, especially in a hurry.

The most annoying part of this problem is, even when you remove the Add-on of this advertising softwares i.e Shopper Pro and Cinema Plus from your browser, mostly Firefox; they still get added and enabled back after they think you might have forgotten them.

Here we will look at a solution to this problem.

To block Ad Pop-ups on Windows

  1. Examine the Ads and note the name of the software it’s being powered by.
  2. Go to your browser’s Add-ons or Extensions manager. On Firefox browser: Open Menu -> Add-ons and disable plus remove any Add-on or Extension with the Ad software name you noted the other time.
  3. Head to Open Menu and click Options
  4. Click Content at the options tab and mark the check box beside Block pop up .
  5. Now go to your Control Panel and click Unistall a program.
  6. Carefully look for a program with the name of the Ad software you noted earlier and uninstall it.

Voila! you won’t get any annoying Ad pop-ups again

To block re-directions in Firefox

  1. Head to Open Menu again and click Options.


  • Click on the Advanced option tab and mark the check box beside Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page.


With this enabled, you’d be prompted to choose to unblock any redirection currently blocked, or you can either ignore to leave redirection blocked.

Do not be surprised when you see these Ad softwares installed on your PC again, most of the time, they camouflage and deceive you to have them downloaded and installed back.

Aly Chiman

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