BeniComp Flexible Spending Account :: Eligible FSA Expenses Frequently Asked Questions

*note: this is only a partial list for your easy reference

Medical Reimbursement Account Plan Eligible Expenses List

• Acupuncture – if it is to treat a medical condition.

• Air Purifier – only if prescribed by a physician to treat a specific medical condition such as a

severe allergy.

• Alcoholism – amount paid for inpatient treatment, including meals and lodging, at a

therapeutic center for alcohol addiction.

• Ambulance

• Artificial limbs

• Artificial teeth

• Automobile modifications for physically handicapped person

• Band-Aids, gauze pads, home and car first aid kits

• Birth control pills – if available only by physician’s prescription

• Blood pressure monitoring devices

• Braille books and magazines – only amount paid by visually impaired person, above the cost of

regular printed material.

• Chiropractors’ fees – if for treatment of a specific medical condition.

• Christian Science practitioners’ fees – if payments are for medical care.

• Coinsurance

• Condoms

• Contact lenses and related materials and equipment (over-the-counter OTC item)

• Contraceptive prescriptions

• Co-payments

• Crutches

• Deductibles

• Dentists’ fees (for treatment other than cosmetic services)

• Dentures

• Denture Adhesive

• Diabetic supplies

• Diagnostic services

• Ear plugs – if prescribe by a physician for a specific medical condition.

• Eye exams, eyeglasses, and related equipment and materials

• Fees associated with organ donations

• Fees for the computer storage of medical records

• Fertility treatments – if the treatment impacts the participant or a dependent of the

participant. Includes shots, treatment, and surgery.

• First Aid Supplies

• Flu shots

• Fluoridation device – amount should be limited to cost allocable to current plan year.

• Guide dog or other animal aide – amount paid for purchase, training, and care of animals used

by a vision impaired or hearing impaired person.

• Gynecologists’ fees

• Health insurance deductibles (which are associated with specific costs)

• Hearing aids/batteries

• Hearing trained cat

• Hospital services

• Hypnosis for medical reasons

• Immunizations/vaccinations

• Incontinence supplies

• Insulin

• Laboratory fees

• Language training for child with dyslexia or disabled child

• Laser eye surgery

• Lead based paint removal – for the cost of removing lead-based paints from surfaces in the

home to prevent a child who has or has had lead poisoning from eating the paint. These

services must be in poor repair and with the child’s reach. The cost of repainting is not a

medical expense.

• Learning disability – amount paid to special school or specially-trained teacher, which is

prescribed by physician, for a child who has severe learning disabilities caused by mental or

physical impairments

• Legal fees associated with the commitment of a mentally ill person

• Liquid adhesive for small cuts

• Medical conference admission and transportation to/from

• Medical monitoring and testing devices (e.g., blood pressure monitor, syringes, glucose kit,


• Medical services

• Medicines – if amounts are paid for physician-prescribed medicines and drugs.

• Mileage related specifically to an eligible medical visit

• Nicotine Gum or patches for stop-smoking purposes

• Norplant insertion or removal

• Nursing services

• Obstetrical fees

• Occlusal guards to prevent teeth grinding

• Orthodontics

• Orthopedic shoes

• Osteopath

• Ovulation monitor

• Oxygen – amount paid for oxygen and equipment for breathing problems caused by a medical


• Physical exams – but not employment-related physicals

• Physical therapists’ fees

• Pregnancy test kits

• Prescription drugs

• Prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses

• Psychiatrists’ fees

• Psychologists’ fees

• Psychotherapists’ fees

• Radial keratotomy

• Reading glasses (over-the-counter OTC item)

• Routine physicals

• Seeing-eye dog (purchase, training & care)

• Skilled nurses’ fees

• Smoking cessation treatments and prescriptions

• Speech therapists’ fees

• Spermicidal foam

• Sterilization fees

• Sunglasses – if they are prescription sunglasses

• Take home screening kits for colon cancer, hepatitis C and HIV

• Telephone for hearing impaired

• Therapy – amounts paid for therapy received as medical expenses may be deductible.

• Thermometers (ear, oral, or rectal)

• Transplants – amounts paid for surgical, hospital, laboratory, and transportation expenses for

organ donor.

• Treatment for substance addiction

• Transportation expenses – if for medical reasons and is reimbursed at 12 cents per mile.

• Vaccines

• Vasectomy

• Wheelchair

• X-ray fees – amounts paid for X-rays received for medical reasons.

Medical Reimbursement Account Plan Eligible Expenses Requiring Doctor’s

Diagnosis and Recommendations

• Acne treatment (only if treatment is necessary to ameliorate a deformity arising from, or

directly related to, a congenital abnormality, a personal injury or a disfiguring disease)

• Feminine hygiene products

• Fiber supplement (no reimbursable if taken daily as a supplement to normal diet, but

reimbursed if taken to treat a specific medical condition for a limited time)

• Glucosamine/chondroitin for arthritis or other medical conditions

• Hormone therapy and treatment for menopause systems (Over-The-Counter OTC item)

• Medicated shampoo (must be a scalp infection, not dry scalp or dandruff, and prescribed for

limited time use.

• Orthopedic shoe inserts

• Pills for lactose intolerance

• Pre-natal Vitamins

• St. John’s Wort for depression

• Sunscreen (must have present existence of a disease such as skin cancer)

• Vitamins to treat a specific vitamin deficiency or disease (1-A Day or Flintstone daily vitamins)

• Weight Loss drugs to treat a specific disease (including weight programs and memberships)

Note: Flex Plan services will not reimburse orthodontia that spans beyond the current plan year in whole, even if

the entire bill is paid up front.

Medical Reimbursement Account Ineligible Expenses

• Cosmetics

• Cosmetic Surgery

• Dancing Lessons

• Ear piercing

• Electrolysis

• Exercise Equipment or Programs

• Face Lifts

• Fitness/Weight Loss programs and drugs – Clarification Quantified

• Funeral expenses

• Hair Removal

• Hair Transplant

• Herbs and Herbal Treatments

• Illegal operations and treatments

• Marijuana or other controlled substances

• Massage Therapy to relieve stress or depression

• Maternity clothes

• Effective 1.1.2011, Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and medicines, except insulin, will be considered

ineligible expenses unless you have a prescription from your physician.

The prescription must include the

name of the specific product (i.e. Tylenol or ibuprofen, but not simply “pain medication”), and will be valid for

one year from the date signed by the physician.

A copy of the prescription must be submitted with each claim.

• Rogaine

• Teeth Whitening

• Varicose Vein/Spider Vein Treatments • Vitamins

• Weight-Loss Programs and/or Drugs