Generate a file with random numbers in Python

In my quest of learning Python langauage I will be writing few beginner programs and will be publishing on my blog. For my work in data structures using Python I needed a large file with random numbers.

Below is the python program that does that. I have kept it open for extension.

# Sample file to generate input for sorting

from datetime import datetime
from random import sample
import sys

class seeddata():

        def genrateRandomDataTill(self, limit):
                fileName ="%d_%m_%y_%I%M%S") + ".txt"
                # Setting range of numbers to a high value by multiplying with some constant
                data =  sample(xrange(limit * 8), limit)
                file = open(fileName,"w")

                for idx, val in enumerate(data):
                        if idx != 0:

                print "Generated file with name [%s]" % fileName

                return fileName

if __name__ == '__main__':

        print "This program will generate a input file to be used for sorting."

        if len(sys.argv) == 2:
                script, limit = sys.argv
                print "Got argument as %d " % int(limit)
                print "Random data will be generated. Tell me how many you want ?"

                        limit = int(raw_input('> '))
                except Exception, e:
                        print "The number entered is invalid"

        i = seeddata()

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