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Facebook is the world’s largest and most popular social network. As of January 2015, there were about 1.36 billion monthly users of Facebook, according to

It can be difficult to capture the essence of your product, service or brand in a simple social media post. However, doing so is necessary in today’s socially crazed world. Why? Because consumers demand originality, transparency and creativity in every post. It’s no secret that content is what drives the internet and social media.

Thankfully, there are many inspirational examples of creative Facebook posts from companies around the world we can glean from. Let them serve as a guide. Be ingenious and make your own equally entertaining and stimulating.

When creating your content, first consider the context of your message:

  • Is it entertaining? Go for humorous, engaging or fun. Iconic88 entertains thousands of people a day on Twitter by simply posting famous and not so famous quotes. Blandtec created a “Will It Blend” video service on YouTube where they put items like an iPhone, silly Putty, golf balls, etc. in their blender to see if it will blend. Their campaign resulted in over 50 million video views and 700% increase in sales. Granted, that campaign was funny. Video campaigns are also very popular. Be yourself and say what you have to say – that provides a real connection between you and your customers
  • Is it educational? Try trivia, stats, product reviews, inspirational quotes or DIY tips. Remember, people only go to the web for two reasons: to be entertained and/or to solve a problem. By presenting yourself or your company as an expert in your field, someone will find your content compelling enough to listen to your campaign more often because you can help solve their problems.

TIP. Connect your blog RSS feed to your Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts. Blogs are a great flexible platform for organizations to educate their followers.

  • Is it helpful? Include tips and tricks, gifting ideas, care and support. In the example below, Coke produced their own free app for their fan bases. Even people who aren’t fans of Coke may potentially opt in to these free bribe resulting in indirect exposure to thousands more.
  • Is it engaging? Engagement is a two-way street. When you engage with people in an online community, they will engage with you too. Social media is built on the foundation of 2 way interactive relationships. Look how Walmart lets their customers’ voices be heard.Engagement allows you to build the image and brand perception you want while handling customer service issues at the same time. Direct communication allows you to build real relationship with your customers and/or potential customers. Have you ever heard the saying, “people buy from people they know?”

TIP. Creating an online poll or contest is a great way to engage your customers. Also, consider creating a daily routine of engagement which will help to build a relationship in your communities.

Here’s how McDonald’s is influencing their devotees to comment on their wall posts, indirectly reaching thousands more.

That powerful little blank encourages their fan base to interact. That little interaction means exposure to thousands more than if it wasn’t there.

Of course, ending on a simple open ended question is powerful as well. Watch Visa directly asking their users to interact.

  • Is it actionable? Make it action-oriented: Use call-to-action, print, vote, survey, view link, etc. Leaving it in the hands of your prospect to figure out what’s next can potentially confuse them. See how Red Bull doesn’t leave it to anyone’s imagination on what to do next.
  • Is it appreciative? Something as simple as a “Thank you” goes a long way in social media. Be grateful when your follower or fans do something nice for you. Don’t forget thank you notes, holiday greetings, and other love notes.
  • Next, consider the content: is it likable? Is it begging for a comment? Is it shareable?

Scott Monty, social media director at Ford, called ‘likes’ the “digital grunts” of Facebook. “The likes, as far as I’m concerned, is the minimum commitment you can ask from a Facebook fan,” he said. Shares, comments, and then likes– they go in that order of importance. I am more interested in the value of a share.

So, next time you’re set for another Facebook post get creative with those awesome contents! Uncover outstanding examples of great contents from remarkable social media accounts. Then you’ll be on your way to creating a highly successful and entertaining Facebook post for your visitors. You never can tell, it may even become viral and spread to millions of people on its own!

And, one more thing. Let us know how it turned out! Wish you success all the way.

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