Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android


Which browser are you using? Firefox? Opera? Internet Explorer or Google Chrome? If your answer is Google Chrome, you should be happy now. Today, Google is releasing their favorite and mainstay browser in Android Market, that is, Google Chrome for Android version. It means that all smartphones and tablets which employ Android can make use of Google Chrome.

The release of this mobile version shows the Google’s enthusiasm to succeed in in the market segment of mobile web, which has been currently dominated by Opera Mini, or Safari (for

users). Sundar Pichai, Senior VP of Google Chrome hopes that this mobile version of Google Chrome will make the internet access increase more.

“As the desktop version, beta Chrome for Android is focused on the speed and simplicity as well as synchronization between mobile and desktop device so that it will ease user to make any browsing in any device”, said Sundar Pichai, senior Vice president of Google Chrome in his blog.

The main features in this product are its ability to synchronize with a desktop version, the standard-installed plug-in as Adobe Flash and Native Client, as well as the touch-based control for browsing. However, this Google Chrome product is currently available only in Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and cannot be operated in the lower android version. But, it seems that we only need to wait for a while until the developer make this product compatible for Android 4 and its lower version.

Interestingly, this browser can be synchronized between desktop and mobile Chrome. Even, Google claims that it is better than Android .

As quoted from venture Beat, this Google Chrome for Android product is still available in beta version. But, this browser is still considered faster and more responsive in accessing a web.

Then, for you who are using Android Ice Cream Sandwich, you can directly visit Android Market to download this Google Chrome for Android browser, which has ever been considered as the safest browser.


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