Make Money online with Clickbooth Publisher Network

Make Money online with Clickbooth Publisher Network


Clickbooth is one of the advertising companies in the internet, providing an affiliate program. If you are interested in making money online, Clickbooth is one of the ways that you can make use of. As your know, making money online with an affiliate program is one of the biggest source of income in the internet.

Like other affiliate programs, you will get your money when your website visitors do something like filling in a form, inputting data, or inputting a postcode, or perhaps, making a purchase like e-book, software, music, video, or even a product that should be delivered to the purchaser’s home. You will get your commission when your visitors do an action (Cost per action), or make a sale (Cost per sale).

Clickbooth is one of the sites where you can join and start promoting the merchant products in it. You can find thousand of merchants ready to promote and any type of affiliate that you are interested to campaign, either CPA, CPS, or (Cost per click) CPC which has been provided since 2010. Overall, you are free to decide the own way to make your money.

Go to their site here:

Signup as a publisher in clickbooth website

Fill in the registration form

You will receive an email, but you are not able to login

Wait phone verification

After you get your phone verification, you will receive an email informing that you are approved. Then, you can login and start your campaign.

During the phone verification, you will be asked some important information related with your website. It might be difficult but it is a way to decide whether the publisher is serious or not for their joining the Clickbooth. Thus, answer all the questions excellently and you will be approved as the publisher of the Clickbooth network.

After you login to the website, you will find thousands of offers you can choose. You may also find thousands of products with various niches that can be adjusted with your website niche. It means that you can easily find the appropriate products for your own website. Here, you may also be able to promote the products from some big companies like Dish Network, America Online, or DirectTV.

Thus, when you are intended to look for how to make money online, join with Clickbooth, and you soon know that it is a good decision. was established in 2004 di Sarasota Florida which was a part of Integraclick, Inc for its first service. However, in 2009 Clickbooth decided to run its own business and turnen to be,LLC.

Network Offer : More than 5000 (including hundreds of exclusive offers)

Payment Method : Paypal and Check

Minimum of Payment : $50

Term of Payment : net30

Allowed traffic  : email, search, contextual and onsite traffic

Many internet marketing in the world has already succeed Make Money online with Clickbooth Publisher Network. This is time for you to join.

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