Hiren : BootCD iso image from http server

 hiren boot cd iso

Now we will take GPXE to boot an iso disc image through http protocol.

This time I tried with an Hiren BootCD iso image – a very famous and popular All-in-One BootCD. It takes about less than 30 seconds to load and boot the image using 100Mbps LAN network. If move to Gigabit network, the time will be much better.

To boot the iso file, grub4dos does use (0xff) mapping instead of (hd0). Detail entry menu which used this time :
Server# cat /var/ftpd/pxelinux.cfg/default
LABEL cdrom
APPEND --config-file="map (rd)+1 (0xff); map --hook; chainloader (0xff)"
And it works perfectly.
Some screenshots :
Requiring IP address by DHCP
 hiren boot cd iso
Loading the image.
 hiren boot iso
Booted to the Hiren Disc.
 hiren boot cd iso image
Hiren Boot Menu.
 hiren boot cd iso
Hiren BootCD.
 hiren boot cd iso
Hints :
  • You can gzip the iso image to smaller size to get much better speed.

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