How Can I Earn Money Online? One Easy Thing You Must Do

How Can I Earn Money Online?

Are you tired of banging the internet with those “”earn money online” and “how to money” questions? Then, let me show you how to make money online doing just this one thing that every serious internet business does.

how can i earn money online

Internet business might be a bit confusing especially if you’re not knowledgeable at it. But yes, It is more realistic now to earn money  online than ever before.  That’s my answer to a discouraged friend.

You too might be wondering whether all these claims about online wealth is still possible today. Maybe, one thing or the other might have discouraged you from making your online dream a success.

Or probably, you had a wrong perception of the internet profit process.

If you are new to the online income possibilities, I am here to put you on the right track.

And, if you are stuck or discouraged, I share your experience. You’ve got to put things in the right perspective, start doing the right things to start living your dreams. I am here for you too.

I will be revealing to you, the one thing you must do to start making money online. Actually, am not stopping at that, I will also be revealing to you how to do it easily and consistently too.

OK, grab my hands tight, lets walk you unto the right track together

The internet income stream never runs dry. By now, you’d already know that thousands if not millions of individuals are consistently earning a living on the internet.

Certainly too, you are here, because you are convinced that making money online is still possible today, and wants to learn the how’s, or you have started but needs proper guidance to consolidate.

To earn money online anywhere in the world, there is only one thing you need to do and the skills of which you must master.

You must: SELL SOMETHING. You either sell a product or service. Does it sound right? Yes, you must master the art of salesmanship.

Yes, there must be an exchange.

Let’s consider some of the most successful online businesses around the globe and take a look at how they earn huge income consistently every month. Keep our SELL SOMETHIING theory in mind.

  • PayPal, MasterCard and Visa card are one of the most widely used online payment transfer and receipt services in the world. They rake in millions by charging a fee for every payment transfer done through them.
  •, an internet based course and community site, owned by Kyle and Carson, generates thousands of dollars, if not millions every month through affiliate sells (both for themselves and for the tens of thousands of bloggers they have empowered through their affiliate network and course.

The owners (one the most successful bloggers around) simply sell their expertise and knowledge on the best method of building an online business from the scratch.

There are millions of bloggers within the wealthy affiliate community, who are consistently raking hundreds to thousands of dollars daily through affiliate sells.


  • Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all earn money by selling one thing or the other. Either advert places and apps which Google and Facebook are good at, or software which Microsoft is excellent in.
  • Amazon and eBay, two of the world’s biggest ecommerce outfits, both earn huge profits by selling physical products to customers.

Millions of bloggers earn money off them through affiliate marketing. ( referring customers and getting paid for stipulated actions they complete).

  • Fiverr, you probably have heard of them, millions of people are on their platform rendering one service or the other and making hundreds and thousands of dollars per month.

I did design my website logos and favicons on Fiverr, and you know what,  I paid for every service rendered, which means , someone made some money.

There is one thing that is common to all these online businesses. THEY SELL SOMETHING.

They are either selling advert places on their websites or blogs, or they are selling physical or digital products. In other cases, they are rendering services.

If you must earn money online , you’ve got to sell something, either you sell a product, or you render a service and sell your knowledge.

So, ultimately, your measure of success for your online business depends on the number of sales you are able to pull.

The more sales you make, the more your income, and, the more successful you become.

OK, I know the question bordering your now,

How do I master the Art of Salesmanship?

How do I earn money online selling something? And lastly, how do I  do it easily and consistently?

Worry less, I will be revealing to you, a natural proven process you must follow to achieve success online. I will also be showing you the wealthy affiliate path to success online.


Apparently, there are many ways to earn money online selling something. But, one stands out, in that, it is a proven, easy and the most consistent way to earn money on internet today.

And that is – Affiliate Marketing

It is easy because having less knowledge or no knowledge of online business process will not stop you from achieve success with it, all you need is the zeal to learn, ability to work hard, and the determination to be consistent.

It is also easy because it has to a large extent been simplified in all aspects of its implementation.

It is proven because everyone who implements it rightly at any time will have a track record of success.

It is consistent because its income stream base is ever increasing, the more people there are making money from it, the money businesses join online and create their own platform for earnings.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply where you (the affiliate) refers a buyer or a customer to a merchant, and the merchant gives you a commission if a sale or an action takes place. You would in this case be like a private contractor.

There is a proven success lane that works with affiliate marketing:

BUSINESS WEBSITE –CONTENT—TRAFFIC—PRESELL ( generosity and honesty)—MONETIZE ( Sell something valuable) = $$$$$$$$$

So how do you implement this proven affiliate success system, without knowing a jack about internet marketing.


How are you going to learn everything about affiliate marketing and how to earn money online selling something as an affiliate?

There is one platform on which your success as an affiliate marketer is guaranteed. And that is, Wealthy affiliate.

At wealthy affiliate, everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer will be given you.

How wealthy affiliate will benefit you :

  • It is free to sign up.

Free means FREE for life. You can decide to move on to premium level. Which is $19 first month and $47 subsequent months.

You can choose to remain at the level of FREE MEMBERSHIP and upgrade whenever you ARE ready.

  • No Experience is required

You don’t need experiences in marketing, salesmanship, website designing and the likes. At wealthy affiliates, the training are designed in such a way that you can follow without prior knowledge.

  • Well-structured classrooms and video training to get you started from knowing nothing to being a professional in internet marketing.
  • Up to date video trainings, plus additional trainings from members who have succeeded. You also get to learn a lot from their experiences.
  • A lively community where all your questions are answered and where you get all the guide you would ever need.
  • Web hosting free for up to 25 domains you own and 25 free siterubix websites.
  • You get to use Jaaxy keyword tool free of charge. Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tool around and people are paying to use it, but as a wealthy affiliate member, you get it free.
  • All the training you require to start from scratch until you start earning income consistently are provided free
  • Most importantly, wealthy affiliate does not upsell. You pay for only your membership and there is no other payment they require you to do to use premium membership. Remember, no payment for starter free membership.
  • The free membership gives you opportunity to try it out, sign up as a free member, and go through the whole affiliate bootcamp training and the starter course. When you are satisfied and ready, you can then go premium
  • And if you are confused which product to sell and to which people, worry no more. Wealthy affiliate trains you through the bootcamp training to choose the right product to sell. Where you are still confused, you can then promote wealthy affiliate itself and help others earn money online.

As a testimony, this blog you are reading was crafted at wealthy affiliate. So, as you can see, if I can be a success, you too can.

If you want to earn full time income by selling things as an affiliate marketer, then WEALTHY AFFILIATE is the right place to start. Sign up free today and get started.

earn online


To earn money online consistently, you need to have a proper understanding of how things work on the internet.

Most people incorrectly think that making money on the internet is as easy simple as coming up with something to sell, setting up a good sales platform and then relaxing to watch the dollars roll in.

No things don’t work that way. To earn money online you:

  • Must be prepared to learn and implement what you have learnt. There is no other way to do this except the hard work way. There is no short cut. Not only will you work hard, you must be persistent in doing so.
  • So many scams out there succeed because many who want to earn income online do not want to work hard. In fact, if you are one those get rich quick minded people, you need to stop now and leave this page, because, it will not benefit you at all.

But just before the dollar start rolling in, there is one more thing;


To sell something online, you must first focus on building the trust, credibility and character needed to convince people to buy your product.

While starting out as an affiliate marketer, building trust and credibility should be your first ultimate goal.

Why? Because, once you establish trust, people will readily buy whatever product you offer.

Take for instance, most people don’t hesitate to buy products on display at Amazon and eBay because both are reputable and trustworthy. They built this over time.

I was happy to join wealthy affiliate and recommend them to you because I trust them hundred percent.

So, ultimately, gaining the trust of you prospective buyers and working hard to keep it will determine the life or death of your online business.


Trust is not built overnight. It takes time and efforts, and there is no maneuverings or short cut to doing it. Still, you absolutely need it to establish your business online and earn money from it.

There are two part ways you must tread to build trust for your online business,


2.     HONESTY

These are the two unavoidable keys to building trust and succeeding online. You must be generous as well as honest.

Let’s look at some case studies

You use search engine, right? I can hear a resounding yes, and whatever information you seek, you quickly visit Google and get links to your answers. But, have you ever been asked by Google to pay for the services they rendered you? No. That’s generosity in action.

With Facebook you can connect with family and friends, share your moments with the world and make your voice heard. You can reconnect with old friends and earn new ones. But, you don’t pay a cent to use Facebook.

Do you? No. That’s generosity in action.

Let’s even look at wealthy affiliate, you sign up as a free member, you get two free websites and full free hosting plans year in year out, plus all the tools to help you to succeed, that’s generosity .

Internet businesses start by offering for free, valuable information that would have made them a fortune. That’s being smartly generous. That’s not foolishness.

Why? Simply because free things attract people like honey attract bees.

When you offer valuable things free of charge, you notice that you gain peoples trust, and they then buy whatever you offer them at a  price in the future.

Google and Facebook offer you a free platform, and you know what? Multitudes are using their services, so marketers see it as the right platform for online advertising.

And they rake in huge profits through the sale of ads. You get the gist now, right? I can see you nodding your head.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of wealthy affiliates reveal for free their success stories and  the tactics that made it happen.

They offer practical information based on their experiences. Equally, they reveal the tactics that failed them and teach bloggers on their platform how to avoid such banana peels.

In doing so, they have never promoted get rich quick methods, and understandingly teach people without any knowledge the true path and hard work way to being successful online marketers.

That’s honesty in action. And you know what? They have gained the trusts of tens of thousands of people bloggers using their platform. Myself included. I don’t just trust them, I trust them to a fault.

Just like them, you’ve got to plant the seed of generosity and honesty to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

It does not stop at that, you must continue to manure and water them to maintain that success.

Wow… it has really being a long one,

Let’s review those things we learnt today;

  • There is only one thing you must do to earn money online: SELL SOMETHING.
  • The best proven, easy and consistent way to earn money online selling something is through affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing has a proven process

BUSINESS WEBSITE –CONTENT—TRAFFIC—PRESELL ( Implement generosity and honesty)—MONETIZE ( Sell something valuable) = $$$$$$$$$

  • The best platform to implement this process and achieve success is WEALTHY AFFILIATE ( sign up now)

You heard them say; slow and steady wins the race, but I tell you


If by now you have joined wealthy affiliate, CONGRATULATIONS.

If not, take action today and roll out your wheel of success. I will be there first hand to welcome you, and do all I can to make sure you succeed.

Earn money online: Your turn

Put everything you have learnt today into action and see how successful you can be.

You can use the comment form below to add your thoughts about the one thing you must to earn money online and how to do it easily and consistently

Should you have other issues bothering you, feel free to leave a comment below, I gladly love to help. That’s my new hobby, to see you succeed.


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