The Growing Solutions of the E-Commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry has revolutionized the process of buying and selling by seizing the global market. A majority of customers now have a preference of purchasing online rather than substantially going to a particular store as it is convenient, time-saving and hassle-free. In 2017, the sales of e-commerce retail surpassed 2.3 trillion US dollars, globally. In addition, the sales revenue is estimated to grow to 4.88 trillion USD in the next 4 years. This determines that the e-commerce industry will continue to prevail in the upcoming years.

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The History of E-Commerce:

In the early 1970s, a modern e-commerce store started its operations by Electronic Data Interchanges and teleshopping. However, the concept of online store trading only became possible at the advent of internet to the public in 1991. The first ever e-commerce website to buy and sell the products online was Amazon, in the United States. Initially, people were hesitant with online buying but gradually, the e-commerce industry upgraded and many businesses instigated with better services. The dramatic progress of convenience, safety and user experience of the online world has made people to opt for this trading service instead of visiting the shop, physically. Now in 2018, it has been estimated that over 1.79 billion people buy and sell their goods online, worldwide (source: Global Statista).

Premium Online Shopping Store:

Over the years, numerous e-commerce enterprises have made its way in the global industry and are successfully catering to the needs of the local communities along with international consumers. One of the emerging e-commerce corporation is that has established phenomenal admiration from its customers in a limited period of time.

Started in the year 2015 by a young entrepreneur, who understood the access limitations of the international brands in the local community with regards to electronic and computers, music, health & beauty, smart home, scientific tools and many others. With the recent change in lifestyle of the state by the significant adaptation of modern lifestyle, international brands like Apple, Bang & Olufsen, Corsair, HP, JBL, Ubiquiti, Wacom, and thousands of others have become highly important.

This online store works on the vision of providing excellent quality of goods to the people nationwide that are otherwise unavailable or require heavy import charges.

What Does It Offer?

This online shopping store offers a miscellaneous range of international brands associated with the technology and lifestyle to the local community, providing them with a reliable, streamlined and a viable shopping experience. The transparent work process makes Tejar stand out from other e-commerce companies where the customer only receives the original product as showcased on the online platform. Customers can also keep a track of their orders easily from the company’s warehouses.

It’s Target Market:

With over thousands of products in its database, Tejar continues to grow remarkably well. This reliable business offers the extensive categories to the customers of all age-group. Consumers can browse through hundreds of international brands in just a few clicks. This specific e-commerce company is designed to offer simple and secure solutions to even the individuals with no-prior online shopping experience.

Why Tejar ?

Usually, the local community finds it difficult to attain the original international brands or pay a hefty amount for shipping charges which is now possible with Tejar where customers readily get their desired products without paying any additional charges or face any obstacles regarding customs or duty taxes. In addition, the company also takes control, in case a customer faces any issue with the order received. The company claims the warranty from the manufacturer on behalf of its customers and make certain that they get the finest product and service. This premium online shopping store certainly delivers outstanding services.

With Tejar, customers can effortlessly get a variety of international brands, directly at their doorstep. One of the prominent features of this online growing business is its remarkable customer service! The team is highly-responsive and offers amazing guidelines to all the customer queries and notifies about their order at every step.

Avoid Cyber Scams:

With thousands of virtual stores marketing from almost every part of the globe, finding the right source of buying online can become a big-hassle. People strive to avoid over priced items, bad quality or fake products yet they fall into the cyber scams at some point that affects them monetarily and psychologically.

The positive aspect of e-commerce industry is that the rising legitimate businesses offer impeccable solutions to the individuals that have been victims of the online rip-off. Customers can shop from online shopping stores like and avoid trusting companies that offer counterfeit product standards or unbelievably lower costs.

In addition, social media platforms significantly help the individuals in getting the right information about any product or service with convenience. An essential advice for those who are planning to purchase a product from any new source is that they should look up for the customer reviews available on Facebook.

 In the End:

The e-commerce industry is blooming significantly. Legit companies stay in the market, while fake ones are kicked out eventually as people are becoming smarter and sharper. With numerous options available, e-commerce industry comprise of massive competition within. In addition, businesses are very concerned about their online reputation as one bad customer review can cost them money and status, hence they strive for continuous advancement to make their business processes quicker, transparent and less pricey. Tejar is here to stay for long and is determined to expand its operations globally, in the near future. However, it will remain focused on its core business strategy, which is, to offer quality goods to its customers by providing amazing service, consistently.

Author Bio:

Liza Harrison is currently working in an IT company as the Assistant Marketing Manager in New York. In her spare time she likes to study about the successful strategies of e-commerce companies. Liza is also writing a book on legit IT businesses and how to stay away from scams.

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