How To Get More Referrals

The number one problem with getting referrals is that you have to ask for them.

how to ask for referrals

Even though we know we could increase our sales by two to three times, we just leave the money on the table.


Maybe you’re thinking: “If my customer wants to refer me they will.” Or, maybe you think that your clients will feel like they are imposing on their circle if they start handing out names.

Frankly, I think the reason why most business owners don’t ask for referrals is that it is an uncomfortable thing to do.

But, the fact is, you can increase your prospect base (and sales) this week if you’ll get out of your own way, and just ask.

How to Get Referrals (and Eliminate Fear)
First of all, remember that generally people like to help other people; as long as it doesn’t affect anyone in a negative way.

Second, giving you a referral isn’t what your customer is thinking about, so remind them!

Third, what is the worst thing that can happen when you ask? Your client will say they rather not! Ok, well that’s not so bad is it?

Fourth, what’s the best thing that can happen? They say yes and you get a “free” prospect! Ya Hoo!

Tips for Asking
Studies show the best time to ask for a referral is at the time the initial sale takes place. Think about it. you’re excited because you have a new customer, and they’re excited because you’re going to solve their problem! Ask, ask, ask!

Next, if you conduct business in-person, ask for your referral in person. Aside from the fact that people are more likely to do something for someone else if the person is standing right in front of them, it will show more respect to your client. Additional, you’ll increase your chance of getting the referral.

Never, ever ask for a referral when you are asking for a payment or submitting an invoice. Even if you have done the greatest job in the world for your client, don’t ask at this time.

Last, go for the gusto and ask for a testimonial or endorsement too. Get the person focused by asking them to describe the benefit(s) they received from working with. In addition, ask permission to use the testimonial, along with their name, in your marketing materials. Another idea is to suggest that you write the testimonial first and then submit it to them for that enhancement and approval.

Ask More, Get More
A common sense rule; the more people you ask, the more referrals you’ll get. Don’t let the uncomfortable feeling of “asking” keep you from growing your business.

If you think about it, it’s minimal effort for maximum reward.

Bottom-line: Referrals will help you maintain and grow your business and profitability

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