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How to Cast a Baitcasting Reel Out of all fishing reels, bait casting reels are usually considered to be the most flexible. Although a bait casting reel may seem a bit intimidating and difficult to get used to when starting out, with this guide you should be able to master how to cast a bait casting reel with a little bit of time and effort.Assuming that you already have a good bait casting reel with a quality braking system and appropriate rod length, you will now need to spool your reel. You will want to use a heavier line since it makes learning easier. Some backlashes will occur, but to minimize them you should use only half a spool. Too much line on the spool will make the spool heavier, which will cause it to spin at a higher speed for a longer length and this is what usually leads to backlashes.Learning how to cast a bait casting reel depends largely upon one essential aspect and that is an educated, trained thumb. The spool is controlled by your thumb so in order to manage it properly you will simply need to practice thumbing the spool. You can do this in the open water or even in your home by attaching a practice bait and allowing the spool to drop while stopping it immediately above the ground with your thumb. Continuous practice will make your thumb smart and accurate.Once you master thumbing the spool, you will then be prepared to work on casting the spool. Hold the rod with your hand and place your thumb on the spool. Keep your thumb on the spool while casting it behind you and release it as it comes forward. Remember to focus on accuracy rather than distance and learn different ways to cast after developing experience.

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