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Shimano Calcutta 200 Baitcasting Reel

Since its debut in 1991 the Shimano Calcutta has represented the apex of Shimano’s technology. It hasn’t been updated much since it came out, but not for lack of will. There simply has not been much progress made in terms of Shimano baitcasters since the original Calcutta. Why fix what isn’t broken, and the Calcutta is far from broken.

Constructed from a cold forged aluminum frame, the Calcutta’s sideplate and spool provide legendary control, smoothness and unbeatable durability. The inclusion of Shimano’s anti-rust bearings, which are coated in a proprietary corrosion resistant polymer, make it at least 10 times more resistant to fresh and salt water corrosion than standard stainless-steel ball bearings.

Incredibly, Shimano has thought out every part of their reel – instead of using magnets for their brake system, they invented and implemented a novel Variable Brake System (VBS) which utilizes centrifugal force for a more consistent cast in terms of distance.

If you ever need to adjust the VBS the take down is quick and easy. The Calcutta features three adjustable thumb screws for maximum convenience and easy maintenance. The sideplate comes off with a single thumb screw, meaning anglers never have to remove their spool from the wheel while they adjust the brakes.

The Calcutta’s paddle grips are soft and smooth to the touch, but don’t get slippery when wet. They’re also over sized, making those tough battles all the easier to pull in. The reel also features a clicker, which alarms the angler to a possible bite with an audible click alarm.

The Shimano Calcutta’s design, both in aesthetics and functionality has proven itself to be a timeless addition to the world of baitcasting reels. Those who have managed to wear out their original Calcutta from 1991 can rest assured that the newest models live up to every bit of their reputation.

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